Moonrise, Onimusha and More New Anime Revealed at Netflix’s Tudum Japan Event

moonrise image via Netflix

overnight stay, Netflix loved his Tudum fan event to showcase new series, both anime and live-action, to its Japanese viewers across the wider event held in multiple locations worldwide. The event served as a showcase for the current lineup of anime and live-action drama, while also unveiling new series that will debut on the service in the future. Without further ado, the entire series of new anime came out.


Writer Tou Ubukata and character designer Hiromu Arakawa team up to create a new science fiction story. The Netflix series “Moonrise” tells a story written by novelist and screenwriter Tou Ubukata, who has provided the series composition and screenplays for popular anime series such as “Fafner in the Azure” and “Psycho-Pass”.

Key art by Hiromu Arakawa

Manga artist Hiromu Arakawa designed the characters for the anime. The director is Masashi Koizuka, who directed seasons 2 and 3 of “Attack on Titan”, and the animation is provided by WIT Studio, known for popular anime works such as “Ranking of Kings” and “SPY x FAMILY.”


A first look at the Onmyojic anime adaptation was revealed which includes character and concept art. The anime is slated to debut in 2023.

Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Stories of the Macabre

Additional cast members and visuals were revealed for the new Junji Ito anime anthology Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Stories of the Macabre.

My Daemon

The next work of Hirotaka Adachicin other words Otsuchic from Penguin Highway and Driving home has been revealed in My Deamon. More details will be revealed in the future.

make my day

Netflix Japan has revealed the first casting details for the next project directed by Yasuo Otagaki from Mobile suit Guindam: Thunderbolt and Moonlight Mile fame, titled make my day. The new anime series now features cast members Masaomi Yamahashi, Ayahi Takagaki, Kazuhiro Yamaji and Akio Otsuka in the roles of Jim, Marnie, Walter and Captain Burke, respectively.

The sci-fi series is about humans battling mysterious creatures on an icy planet, also revealing the first version of the mechanical designs. More details are expected in the future as the series will be released in February of next year.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh, Part 1

A second teaser trailer has been released for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh, Part 1, scheduled for release in late December. Netflix describes the movie:

14 years since the Kingdom of Lions defeated the Demon Clan and brought peace to the land, Prince Tristan is haunted by his inability to control two great powers: the Demon Clan force of his father, Meliodas, who served as Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins as the Dragon Sin of Wrath, and the Goddess Clan power of his mother, Elizabeth. When Elizabeth’s life is threatened, Tristan flees the kingdom and heads to Edinburgh, where Deathpierce – who was once a member of the kingdom’s group of Holy Knights, the Pleiades of the Azure Sky – maintains his castle. But what are Deathpierce’s intentions? The wheel of fate starts to move and even wipes out The Seven Deadly Sins…

The Houseman’s Way

Netflix Japan has revealed new stills for the second season of The Houseman’s Waynow slated to premiere in January 2023. Kenjiro Tsuda will reprise his role as a former yakuza who gives up his old life for a quiet home life, with hilarious consequences.


For a change of pace, Netflix has also released the first teaser for the lookism animated adaptation, now confirmed to be produced by Korean studio Mir and set to be released in November this year. Netflix describes the story:

Currently serialized on LINE Manga and Naver WEBTOON, “Lookism” follows the main character as he works hard to live life against the backdrop of various social issues. It started serialization in 2014 and has 8.7 billion views worldwide. Like the original webtoon, the story of the animated series “Lookism” also deals with the subtle lookism and materialism present in the lives of people living in modern society. Unique character designers have brought the main characters of the original manga to life, giving them vibrant voices, dynamic direction and beautiful effects. Through fascinating episodes with a slightly different feel to the original manga, this series will deliver suspense and new discoveries. Enjoy the story of Park Hyeong-seok as he overcomes various encounters and conflicts and grows to fulfill his dreams.


Finally and as mentioned beforeNetflix revealed the first details and photos for the coming onimusha anime adaptation. Famous Japanese film director Takashi Miike will join the series as the lead director at studio Sublimation, while protagonist Musashi Miyamoto will be modeled after the Japanese acting legend Toshiro Mifune.

SOURCE: Netflix

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