Lance Reddick’s Sylens Should Join Zavala in Fortnite

although Super Smash Bros. Ultimate advertised itself with the tagline ‘everyone is here’, few games are more recognizable for their insane crossover potential than Epic Games’ Fortnite. Ever since FortniteLaunched in September 2017, Battle Royale mode has become one of the most popular games of all time. At the heart of the experience is a solid shooter with plenty of customization options and a live service model that allows Epic Games to add storylines, mechanics, and dancing emotes over time, supported by frequent pop culture references.


Fortnite‘s increasing catalog of characters is drawn from novels, comic books, television, movies and video games. There have even been celebrities like Ariana Grande parted from a particular role they’ve played, as well as live concerts — with a datamine pointing to Lady Gaga’s possible appearance in Fortnite. Epic Games attracted a lot of attention for adding Dragon Ball characters and mechanics, as well as Bungie’s content Lot 2. The latter could provide actor Lance Reddick with a unique opportunity to appear multiple times in the popular shooter.

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Fortnite’s crossover potential

How much longer Fortnite works, the more absurd the gameplay scenarios become. it’s recent Dragon Ball event added the ability for each character to use a Kamehameha Wave, leading to numerous videos where Rick Sanchez blasted Darth Vader and Master Chief with the iconic anime technique (and endless permutations in it). Another big draw is collecting skins in a matching set for use with team-based rounds, as seen via Fortnite‘s addition of Teen Titans character Starfire along with her teammates Raven and Beast Boy.

Given the breadth of pop culture’s offerings, there have been some interesting encounters with characters in Fortnite. A notable example is Zendaya being added twice in 2021, both as MJ van Spider-Man: No Way Home and Chani Travel from Dune. Fortnite‘s Destiny crossover began in late August, coinciding with the announcement of Lot 2‘s season 18 and a first look at the upcoming Lightfall expansion. It includes three skins for Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey and Exo Stranger in addition to special emotes, three pickaxes, a glider and a unique game mode called Guardian Zone Control.

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Lance Reddick Fortnite’s Potential Acquisition

Zavala is one of the more famous Destiny characters to outside observers thanks to Reddick’s “Cabal on Mars” speech, but it’s certainly not the only character he’s known for. Reddick has been acting since the 1990s, with a number of prominent television and film roles including Phillip Broyles on Zoom and Charon in the John Wick movie series. John Wick from Keanu Reeves has already arrived Fortniteleaving room for another Reddick crossover when John Wick: Chapter 4 releases, and there is an argument for his iteration of Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil Netflix series. Capcom already has some Epic Games street fighter characters, so it’s not an unreasonable question.

One crossover that Epic Games should return to, however, is Guerrilla Games’ Horizon franchisee. Aloy has been added to Fortnite in April 2021 for Chapter 2, Season 6: “Primal”, even though it was months earlier Horizon Forbidden West press PS4 and PS5. That Forbidden West has come and gone, there is talk of DLC similar to Horizon Zero Dawn‘Frozen Wilds’ expansion. Even if this doesn’t happen, Horizon Call of the Mountain is the planned flagship release for Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset.

Any of these occasions would be great to add Reddick’s Sylens Fortnite alongside characters like Erend, Varl or even Carrie-Ann Moss’ Tilda van der Meer for more substantial name recognition. PlayStation has clearly shown interest in Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series as one of its top brands through the aforementioned VR spin-off, an upcoming Netflix adaptation, and crossovers with titles like Genshin impact. Returning to Fortnite would soon make sense, and Reddick could easily lead this by becoming another repeat visitor to the island.

Fortnite is free to play on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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