Kawaki’s upgrade proved that Amado is Konoha’s worst enemy

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 72 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “Smaller and More Useful”, by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the boruto series is how Amado juggles his intentions. At first, he came across as a sinister scientist with Kara, only to turn against Isshiki and the terrorists. He switched sides to Konoha and helped take down his alien boss, while protecting Boruto and Kawaki. Recently, however, Amado started to look dark again when he put a Karma back into Kawaki, restoring the teen’s power.

Amado said this upgrade was added so that Kawaki could continue to protect Naruto, as well as Boruto and all the friends he made in the hidden leaf. But nobody – especially not Shikamaru – believes in it. In fact, after Amado’s final moves on the chessboard with this non-consensual upgrade, it seems that while he worked as an ally for a while, he might just be Konoha’s worst enemy.

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When Eida and her little brother, Daemon, realized that Amado was better for them alive and dead, they made it clear to Code that he couldn’t kill the scientist. This led to civil war and the Code’s withdrawal, knowing that Daemon would kill him for disobeying Eida. One important part, however, stood out when Amado talked about getting Eida and Daemon to Konoha: his secret hold on Kawaki.

He confessed to putting on a safety lock when he gave the boy the new Karma mark, which only he knows about. It’s similar to the limiters he put on Code to limit his power, which he eventually had to remove. But in Kawaki’s case, Amado admitted that he could take the boy out completely. Eida then called him out at this point, pointing out that Amado was quite a schemer.

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If Kawaki ever turned against Konoha, Amado would be their savior if he was called in to take out Kawaki. So Eida was vocal when he admitted that he had created a potential problem, but then made himself indispensable by having the only solution. Amado couldn’t even hide it — he was indeed manipulating Konoha. Because of the way she can enchant people, Eida knows about control, so she could relate to these methods. The problem is that this makes it harder for her to trust him to get her and Daemon to the Hidden Leaf for refuge. In fact, since no one knows about Amado’s work, he may have a way of brainwashing Kawaki. Amado also made pills to suppress Momoshiki in Boruto, so you have to wonder if he can control or even kill the Hokage’s son. It would suit his character, making him the most terrifying foe the Hidden Leaf could ask for from a philosophical standpoint.

It remains to be seen what his endgame is, but Shikamaru is keeping a closer eye on him now. After calling Konoha to come back with Eida and Daemon, Amado admitted to playing these teens against each other. More so, he pointed out how to remove the limiters from Code if he wanted to live. This made Shikamaru dissatisfied, but had no choice as he couldn’t afford for them to become enemies.

Since Amado also built these siblings, you have to wonder if this could all be a huge Trojan horse, where Amado could secretly figure out a way to get Eida and her brother under control. This would give him a way to Konoha at a time when Naruto and Sasuke are under power, and Boruto is just recovering after Momoshiki revived him. In the end, the arrogant Amado holds all the cards, so Shikamaru must team up with the devil he knows in the hopes of quickly gaining a better understanding of Amado’s main ambitions, because in addition to Code plotting another attack, he knows that the Hidden Leaf is on its way. no new enemy can afford, especially one within.

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