“Kawaki’s cover broken?” – Boruto Anime Episode 267 Review

Sosha is her messy self in ‘Kawaki’s Cover Blown?’ (Screentext: Boruto Anime Episode 267)

boruto anime episode 267, titled ‘Kawaki’s Cover Blown?’, dealt with Kawaki’s dynamic with Eiki and had him come face to face with the threat against Kae.

With the anime writers putting Osuka through some character development in the previous installment, it made sense for the creative team to finally have Eiki develop as well. Eiki has been against Kawaki ever since Kawaki came to the Ninja Academy on his mission to protect Kae. “Kawaki’s cover broken?” let Eiki find yet another way to undermine Kawaki to get closer to Kae.

Someone eventually gave Eiki a note stating that Kawaki was a real ninja. And since the students were asked to bring homemade ninja headbands for the upcoming school play, it made sense that Eiki thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reveal the truth about Kawaki. As a Genin, Kawaki would have a real ninja headband. Eiki just had to find the headband and expose it.

I liked how the writers decided to give Sosha some layers. I was interested to know why she was portrayed as the student who knew the tea from pretty much everyone in her class. The final episode showcased Sosha’s passion for investigative journalism and then went on to expose what she’s learned to cause drama. I like messy characters. She also had enough integrity not to post any news until she had concrete evidence. In a way, her interest in getting to the bottom of things was a skill that would come in handy later in her career as a ninja.

I think everyone would agree that Kawaki’s cover for his classmates would have been blown away if Osuka hadn’t intervened at the right time. Wanting to repay Kawaki for saving her life in the previous episode, she was quick enough to pick up Kawaki’s real ninja headband before Eiki could reach it. I liked how Osuka, the daughter of two famous actors, demonstrated her improv skills to help Kawaki.

As for Eiki, I think he needed a hard wake-up call. In his goal to reveal Kawaki’s secret, he endangered the lives of his classmates, while also damaging the set. Neon and the rest worked hard to build. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and will get off Kawaki’s back in the coming episodes.

While kids still don’t know about Kawaki’s secret, I think it’s clear that someone in the Ninja Academy does know why Kawaki enrolled. The mysterious hooded figure was probably the one who gave Eiki the note about Kawaki’s ninja headband. And unless I’m mistaken, I think the same hooded figure was the one who tried to attack Kae in the infirmary.

I don’t know if the writers are trying to confuse the audience or not, but the proportions of the hooded figure look a lot like Hana. I really don’t want Hana to be the killer who has to kill Kae. But let’s see what happens.

Since the school play is about the legendary Sannin, I think the writers did a good job of getting Orichimaru leaving the Hidden Leaf Village and his friends Jiraiya and Tsunade in touch with Kae, realizing that she too would have to leave soon. . I understand that the real dynamic between Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiraiya was extremely simplified for the school play, but at least it did what it was supposed to do to boost the scene between Kae and Kawaki. Yes, Kae is leaving soon. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t make the most of the time she had left with her new friends.

Other thoughts:

  • Everyone looked cute in their outfits for the school play. I liked how the writers allowed the kids to play the characters they wanted without everyone being gender specific about the casting process.
  • While we still don’t know the ultimate goal, we did find out (as some fans expected) that the group that hired the assassin wanted to take Kae off the board to make her younger brother heir to the throne.
  • I think Kawaki handled the situation well with a weeping and remorseful Eiki.

What did you think of ‘Kawaki’s Cover Blown?’

Do you think Hana is the killer?

Let us know.

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