‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Arcs Revealed and SAG Gets Voice Over ‘Mob Psycho 100’ Controversy

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Over the weekend there was a lot of news for anime enthusiasts that are sure to bring joy to the start of the work week – and some less pleasant developments. New details about upcoming releases have come to light, including: My Hero Academia, Blue lockand Jujutsu Kaisen. Also regarding one of the biggest releases of October, the situation around Mob Psycho 100s speech rearrangement continues to develop. Here’s what you might have missed in the world of anime this weekend.

Jujutsu Kaisen reveals its season 2 arcs and release plans

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More info has been officially announced on the highly anticipated second season of Jujutsu Kaisen and for manga readers this news will surely be exciting. Season two of the show will adapt two major arcs to the source material, the Kaigyoku/Gokusetsu arc and the infamous Shibuya Incident Arc.

While this may not mean much to some fans of the anime, there is more good news. The official website for Jujutsu Kaisen has revealed that the show will run for two quarters, meaning new content will roll out before half of 2023. For those eagerly awaiting more after the show’s first season and prequel movie, the release can’t come any earlier next year.

To round out these new announcements, fans have also gotten a glimpse of new artwork to satisfy their hunger until more news comes out.

SAG Union is participating Mafia Psycho 100 reshuffle

Shigeo Kageyama from 'Mob Psycho 100'
Screengrab via Crunchyroll

Last week, news broke that Kyle McCarley, who voiced Mob in the dub on Mafia Psycho 100 would not return for the show’s third season due to arrive next week due to contractual disputes.

Now SAG-AFTRA, the union of which McCarley is a member, has taken to social media to speak out about the reshuffle after Crunchyroll, who will distribute the show, “refuses to even talk about a union contract.”

According to McCarley, the reason for his departure from the show was due to his request to modify his contract to fit the guidelines of SAG, the Screen Actors Guild of America. McCarley shared in a video that he would be willing to sign a non-union contract and return for the show’s third season if Crunchyroll agreed to consult with the union about union contracts in the future.

At this time, there is no further comment from Crunchyroll, other than confirmation that the character will be recast.

Fans get a look at the My Hero Academia cast for season six

had from My Hero Academia Season 6 fans will get a new look at many of the series’ iconic characters, all starting with Shoto Todoroki.

In a social media post via the show’s official account, it was announced that new footage will be released for five main characters from the show in the coming weeks. Other characters who will receive the same treatment as Todoroki are Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Shigaraki and Dabi.

Todoroki’s voice actor Yuki Kaji also shared his thoughts on this new season six artwork.

“I am impressed by the rugged expression that symbolizes the development of the 6th season. To freeze!” “

It won’t be long before fans get their first glimpse of this upcoming season, as My Hero Academia Season 6 premieres on October 1. You can check out the latest promo footage for this release above.

Blue lock will not only get a release with two compartments, but also a mobile game

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We now know exactly how many episodes to expect Blue lock when the hit manga series makes its anime debut next month. While early speculation suggested we might only get a quarter of the show, in fact it will get the double cour treatment for 24 episodes in season one.

This news was first shared by Japanese news channel Natalie. It was also revealed in this report that a smartphone game is in development after the show that will be a “new sensation football training simulation”. Pre-registrations would start later in the year. The Blue Lock anime will premiere on October 8.

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