Isekai Anime Protagonists Who Change the Most

One of the key elements of Isekai anime is that the protagonist remains largely the same person throughout the series, and the story comes from the relatable character from the normal world entering a new and unusual world. A character may enter that world overwhelmed or with odd abilities, but the person who isekai’d is still the same person at the beginning of the series.

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However, some characters have changes not only in their form, but also in their personalities over the course of the series. Physical changes can often seem the least significant in this kind of anime and manga, but the changes that take place internally are perhaps both more significant and more profound.


5/5 Sora and Shira – No game no life

Protagonist and deuteragonist Sora and Shira are highly intelligent people who live in an aimless game-oriented world. Considered hikikomori, they are not present in the real world as anything other than Blank, a mysterious online competitor who destroys the competition. Without a goal, they simply strive to be the best on a certain playing field and view real life as a terrible game.

Transported to Disboard in the land of Elkia, the pair discover that the games they are so passionate about actually serve a purpose. Their lives, while considered meaningless in the real world, instead take on a role of heroic importance. Their lives and their abilities have meaning because they are valued for their skills. They may not change physically, but they grow into the role of rulers that they are presented with.

4/5 Hajime Nagumo – Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

yes hajime shea

Hajime Nagumo is not considered loved by anyone except Kaori, his friend and class idol in the real world, yet he remains kind and caring towards others. When his entire class is transported to another world, even his magical abilities are found to be unimpressive and his friendship with Kaori inspires jealousy and attempted murder by a classmate. After being left for dead in the bowels of a terrifying dungeon, Hajime finds the will to survive but emerges a changed man.

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Facing death, Hajime Nagumo comes to the conclusion that in order to survive, he is determined to only look out for those he can trust, which no longer includes his classmates. His former personality, which is both kind and caring, gives way to a selfish attitude and an overwhelming desire to return to his home world. Although traces of the friendly boy remain, he has been profoundly changed by his descent into the dungeon and what he finds there.

3/5 Rudeus Greyrat – Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed reincarnation

Sylphie, Eris, Roxy, Paul, Zenith, Rudeus

Although they are a nameless NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) in the real world, after meeting Truck-kun they are reborn as Rudeus Greyrat, a boy in another world, and find themselves living their lives and growing up a baby. Cursed with the regret of a life badly lived in the real world, Rudeus decides to make something of himself in this new world and give it a real try.

While other Isekai protagonists can physically transform into monsters or mighty warriors, Rudeus starts out as any other human being born into this world, except with the knowledge and experience of the 34-year-old man he was in his previous life. Armed with this knowledge, he sets out determined to become someone to be proud of and discovers that through experimentation and by simply not obeying the accepted norms of the world, he can become far more powerful than anyone and possibly even find happiness.

2/5 Satoru Mikami – That time I was reincarnated as slime

Gabiru, Kaijin, Benimaru, Shizue, Rimuru, Veldora, Slime, Rigurd, Ranga

37-year-old Satoru Mikami is fatally stabbed and is reborn in another world as slime. While these creatures are considered weak and simple in this world, his intelligence allows him to transform into a powerful creature after absorbing multiple other creatures. After meeting the dragon Veldora, he is renamed Rimuru Tempest and is on his way to becoming a demon lord.

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While the mild-mannered Satoru Mikami never stood out in the real world and was a typical salaryman, Rimuru Tempest is a free spirit and one who finds himself given responsibility for the lives of an entire nation of non-humans. While the isekai trope is the backdrop for entering this world, the person who was Satoru Mikami is about as different from Rimuru Tempest as it gets in both form and psyche.

1/5 Hiiro Wakaba – So I’m a spider, so what?


Hiiro Wakaba was a social outcast at her school. While others saw her as an almost mythical figure, Wakaba didn’t seem to see it and spent most of her time reading or playing computer games. With her family in a poor state and a poor diet, she is often reserved and anti-social, with little interest in her classmates.

Once reincarnated, Hiiro Wakaba finds herself in a labyrinth as a spider monster and is forced to fight every moment of her life. While she may have been aloof and disinterested in the world around her, every day she is now forced to face the reality of possible death. While this doesn’t help her to become more vocal with other people, she interacts with the audience regularly, and when they see things from her perspective, they can see this normal, shy girl becoming Kumoko, the nightmare of the great Elroe labyrinth .

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