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Controversial YouTube creator IShowSpeed ​​was recently led to believe that he had an Icon skin in Fortnite. But is it true?

Published on October 9, 2022

Fortnite’s Icon Series brings prominent figures of popular culture in an epic crossover with the Battle Royale game. Musicians, sports personalities, online influencers, streamers and content creators had their likenesses brought to Fortnite for players to purchase from the Item Shop.

Recently, controversial streamer and content creator IShowSpeed ​​responded to messages about his inclusion in Fortnite during a live stream, but is it happening? We will indicate if IShowSpeed ​​will receive a skin in Fortnite and when it will be available.

Does IshowSpeed ​​have a skin in Fortnite?

The short answer is that at the time of writing there is no confirmed skin for IShowSpeed ​​in Fortnite. The popular content creator recently uploaded a video (embedded below) to his second YouTube channel, in which he commented on his leaked Fortnite cosmetic that is believed to have been added to the battle royale game.

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Since then, videos have been circulating online claiming that IShowSpeed ​​will be getting an in-game outfit as part of the next Fortnite Icon Series. This series usually focuses on prominent celebrities, online influencers and content creators such as Ninja, Ariana Grande, Loserfruit and, most recently, SypherPK immortalized in Fortnite.

Whether IShowSpeed ​​will be the next content creator to join the Fortnite Icon Series appears to be nothing but a hoax at this point, as publisher Epic Games has not confirmed this. In addition, a Fortnite survey leaked in August 2022, highlighting several in-game cosmetics that are not yet available.

ishowspeed fortnite skin leak youtube video comment
IShowSpeed ​​responded to a video revealing the content creator’s leaked skin for Fortnite. (Photo: YouTube / Live Speedy)

If IShowSpeed ​​received an in-game cosmetic, it probably would have leaked in August, or similarly, Epic Games would have prevented the leak from showing up online. In this regard, IShowSpeed ​​is simply unlikely to be added to the Fortnite Icon Series roster.

While we searched for the YouTube video that leaked the IShowSpeed ​​Fortnite skin, the video is reportedly not listed and it appears that the YouTube channel does not exist. This further adds to the improbability of the leaked skin, even when IShowSpeed ​​browsed the YouTube channel, which has no content.

ishowspeed fortnite skin leak fake hox dejected disappointed
IShowSpeed ​​seems dejected because its Fortnite skin leak was fake. (Photo: YouTube / Live Speedy)

IshowSpeed ​​went on to check the Item Shop to see if the leaked skin was present, but was disappointed and confused. So despite the streamer and content creator being adamant that “this is real”, this Fortnite leak is another trick to generate online discussions and views.

For now, players can still get the SypherPK cosmetics that are part of the current Fortnite Icon Series, available in the Item Shop.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.

Written by Ashleigh Klein

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