Is Fortnite a Dead Game in 2022?

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale first released in 2017 as a third-party co-op survival game under the moniker Fortnite: Save the World. Since the game was not popular in the newly formed community and PUBG: Battlefield became a cultural phenomenon soon after its release, the developers began work on their version of the battle royale game that would eventually become Fortnite Battle Royale. This game mode quickly grew in popularity, with 10 million players joining the game in the first two weeks of its release.

Over the years, Fortnite grew even more in popularity, with the game peaking in 2021 with an incredible 83.3 million monthly active users, according to Business of Apps. This means that the game has only grown over the course of four years, thanks to Epic Games’ restless efforts to keep the game fresh and exciting for everyone.

Today, anywhere from 2.9 to 4 million users play Fortnite on a daily basis, according to PlayerCounter. Ever since Fortnite does it so well for itself, why does the community repeatedly question the state of the game and believe the game is dead? While the community is divided into hardcore skeptics and tireless idealists, it’s worth exploring the current state of the game. We will tackle why the players believe Fortnite dies and why exactly? Fortnite has never been as healthy as it is now.

why do Fortnite players believe the game is dying?

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Despite Fortnite’s unbelievable numbers, there is a large section of the community that has doubts that the game will relive its glory days similar to the success of chapter two which not only brought in a ton of new players but also had a terribly interesting meta full of chaos and suspense . The main reasons why players believe: Fortnite is being a dead game in 2022 because the game has already peaked, it’s extremely hard to pick up for new players, it’s repetitive – and therefore annoying – and finally, tons Fortnite Streamers have long since abandoned the game for a number of other games on the market that offer more modern features.

Fortnite has already peaked

Fortnite’s glory days came immediately after its release as the game became an instant hit with as many as 10 million players in just two weeks. During that time, Epic interacted with its community to such an amazing extent that it listened to all the feedback it could get to improve the game even more. This led to Fortnite be in pristine condition with incredibly versatile metas, unique game modes, and diverse island maps that only live in our memories. Since such impulses cannot normally be replicated and relived because you had to be there to see its full radiance, Fortnite today doesn’t even begin to compare to its glory days.

Fortnite is hard to pick up for new players

Over the years, the Fortnite player base mastered the game and perfected every possible aspect of the game. Now new players – once they line up for Build mode – simply can’t keep up with the agility, knowledge and ability of veteran players that leave them no breathing room. Since even the casual modes are highly competitive, this leaves little to no room for new players to learn the game. Because of this we see more and more players giving up Fortnite just a week after they started playing the game. So the game struggled to keep new players intrigued and amused. This leaves only experienced players competing with each other without a breath of fresh air and innovation in the game.

Fortnite is repetitive

Except battle passes, Fortnite does not have a visibly meaningful progression system that rewards you for your dedication, time and effort and skill invested. On the contrary, the whole idea behind it Fortnite is its replayability. Thanks to a series of variables, no match of Fortnite is essentially the same. Still, the whole concept of surviving to the end with all the tools at your disposal is the same in every match of the game. Since you play the game over and over with the same goal, it’s no wonder the game becomes mundane and tedious to play unless you have missions to grind.

Fortnite streamers leave the game

Popular Fortnite streamers like Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo and Ali “SypherPK” Hassan stopped playing the game. For DrLupo, it was “hard to play the same thing every day forever.” SypherPK gave up too Fortnite because he had felt trapped in the game. So it’s no secret that FortniteThe repetition is strongly linked to players and content creators giving up because they don’t have a fresh approach to their favorite game.

The reality of Fortnite

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While there are more than a handful of indicators pointing to the idea that Fortnite dead in 2022, the game is thriving thanks to the growing number of new players coming to the game and veteran players returning to the game. Plus, Epic regularly updates the game to spice up the current meta. And finally, Fortnite has never been in better condition visually and substantively.

Players return to the game

One of ‘s biggest selling points Fortnite has been Zero Build. Since its release on March 29, 2022, Zero Build has brought back big names like Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins after largely leaving the game due to burnout. Thanks to Zero Build it becomes a permanent mode in Fortnite, the streamers fell in love with the game again. And given that the streamers play an immense role in the game’s community, it’s no surprise that they have rekindled the love for the game among many long-lost fans. On top of all that, Fortnite has become a noob-friendly game that doesn’t require hours of practice with the introduction of Zero Build.

Epic updates the game regularly to keep the meta interesting

Epic regularly balances and updates Fortnite so that the meta doesn’t get old and mundane. In other words, every week Epic launches at least a minor update in which the weapons are vaulted and unlocked or the numbers adjusted. For example, with the beginning of chapter three, season four on September 18, we saw Port-a-Bunker appear for the first time in Zero Build, drastically changing the meta and making it mandatory to have this utility in your inventory. , especially in the late game. While these changes may seem small, any change – no matter how small and insignificant it may seem – has a major impact on the meta. Thanks to Epic’s constant efforts, the game has a constant touch of freshness that prevents the game from feeling dull.

Fortnite has never been in a better condition visually and substantively

In addition to regular balancing updates, Epic regularly launches new cosmetics, missions and other similar content, so you always have something to do in the game. Because it’s hard to run out of new content Fortnitethe game can keep you hooked for days with all its repeatable missions, battle passes and hidden island content.

Chapter Two, Season Seven, ships on June 8, 2021, with a major visual update that has polished up the visuals, environment, and improved storm and cloud effects. Visually, since the v17.00 update, the game has never been better as you can clearly see and hear all the key aspects of the game such as gunfire, the approaching storm and movement.

The future of Fortnite

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Keep in mind that players have come more and more into the game Fortnite since the release of Zero Build as a permanent mode and the game has never been better when you consider the sheer number of missions, content, cosmetics and player base stats it’s safe to assume Fortnite’s future is bright. There are, of course, features that Epic should definitely work on, such as giving more love to professional play and working on more unique game modes that give the game a fresh feel.

Still, the game definitely follows the natural process of video games, with a modest launch, a sudden surge in popularity that pushes the game to the top of the charts, and a stable but dedicated community that will stop at nothing to defend and play their favorite game. . While the game has surpassed its glory days, and will probably never feel the same, it’s still in a more than sane state – and assuming Epic continues the good work, it will continue to be.

Finally, Fortnite is far from a dead game in 2022, although the most critical community members proclaimed that the game’s popularity is rapidly declining. The game has a healthy population of between 2.9 and 4 million users playing Fortnite daily. In addition, the game has never been more friendly to new and returning players, with numerous game modes such as Creative and Zero Build. Provided Epic continues to work on Fortnite in the same way as in the past years, the game definitely has a place in the top games in the future.

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