Inconsistencies introduced by yhe Anime’s Filler Arcs

Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War is easily one of the highly anticipated anime released, which is quite a surprise considering that the series ended both the anime and the manga on a downer. It is clear to everyone why Bleach was considered one of the Big Three, whose appeal can still be felt to this day. Fans who want to keep up to date with all of the story beats from Bleach would definitely watch the anime for the same.

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However, it is highly recommended for new viewers to skip the entire program Bleach‘s filler. While there may be a few rough diamonds here, there’s no denying that the majority of Bleach‘s anime-exclusive content can be quite messy at times, especially as their inclusion led to many inconsistencies in the main plot of Bleach yourself. The most egregious of fate are listed below.


8 The Bount Race doesn’t fit the world at all

The Bounboog is the first filling arc in Bleach, which makes an absolutely terrible impression in terms of the show’s first anime-original arc. The arc is an absolute mess where things happen for no reason and small details continue to clash with Kubo’s established rules in this world.

The Bount could have been an intriguing race, but it always feels strange to see these worked-out races fade into obscurity later on. The same can of course also be said about the Fullbring.

7 Kenpachi uses Shunpo when he shouldn’t

Kenpachi is a monstrously powerful individual who serves as one of the Captains of the Gotei 13. His raw power is so immense that he doesn’t even bother to refresh the base, like Shunpo.

Flash step is important for dodging attacks, but Kenpachi doesn’t bother learning this technique because of his innate physical superiority. However, he still pulls this move during the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc.

6 The existence of Shusuke Amagai is rather suspicious

For what it’s worth, viewers loved the filler arc where Gin Ichimaru was replaced by a new captain named Shusuke Amagai. It allowed existing characters to develop their relationships, while this antagonist was also quite preoccupied with his own right.

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However, since this arc isn’t canon, it’s clear that this leaves a pretty noticeable inconsistency in terms of who actually took it over. The reality was that this position remained vacant until Rose, one of the Visored, was allowed to return to Soul Society and become the new captain of the Third Division.

5 Sui-Feng’s Shikai gets pretty inconsistent

Sui-Feng is a pretty awesome character with some unique powers of his own. She is one of the few characters whose Shikai is probably more interesting than her Bankai.

Her Shikai uses one hit to mark an enemy with a butterfly decal, and hitting this symbol again leads to the enemy’s demise. But for some reason, the second hit splits an enemy in half in the movie Bleach: Memories of Nobody.

4 Ikkaku’s Bankai is magically okay despite having broken in previous events

Ikkaku Madarame is one of the more unique characters on the show, with his style favoring brute force over everything else. Of course he is no Kenpachi, with his Bankai being extremely powerful at the cost of his durability.

This weakness rears its ugly head when Ikkaku’s Bankai is broken by one of the Arrancars. However, it seems fine during the Gotei 13 Invading Army arc, which makes no sense

3 A person other than Kyoraku gets to see two-wheeled blades in their Shikai state

The Zanpakuto Unknown Tales bow is another filler bow that: Bleach fans like quite a bit. That said, even this filler doesn’t shy away from adding much of the inconsistencies and plot holes to the show.

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The worst is when one of the episodes shows a dethroned Shinigami with two knives in his Shikai state. This is simply not possible, as Yamamoto himself has stated that Kyoraku is the only Shinigami to show off this feat.

2 Zangetsu is controlled by Muramasa before the true purpose of his existence is revealed

This is another inconsistency caused by the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arc. During his battle with Muramasa, the villain brings out Zangetsu, the true form of Ichigo’s Zangetsu, to fight his master.

However, the Thousand-Year Blood War arc revealed that Zangetsu was never Ichigo’s true Zanpakuto. Instead, this spirit was actually a manifestation of Ichigo’s Quincy powers, and the Shinigami had yet to undergo rigorous training to bring out the true nature of his Zanpakuto.

1 Bleach is a continuous story with no room for side stories

Perhaps the greatest inconsistency arising from Bleach‘s many fillers is that they have absolutely no room to exist in the main timeline. Bleach‘s story is one long train with little to no downtime, and the anime is pretty much forced to create stories that seem rather detached from the main timeline.

Some fans may still argue for the first and last filler arcs in the series having a place in the main timeline. However, the main ones that get in between feel totally out of place, which in itself is perhaps the biggest inconsistency of all.

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