How to Play Fortnite Xbox Cloud Gaming with Keyboard and Mouse

For players investing in cloud gaming, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service has its pros and cons; while popular games like Fortnite are playable from the cloud, their current reliance on controllers will frustrate traditional mouse and keyboard traditionalists. While players wait for Microsoft to take this next step and patch mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, those who want to play Fortnite the use of mouse and keyboard over cloud streaming must rely on third-party browser add-ons. For those who do not want to wait and see if the beginning of a new one Fortnite Season also marks the debut of mouse and keyboard on xCloud, third-party browser add-ons seem like the only way forward.


Cloud gaming has grown in popularity and has quickly proven to be a boon for players who have fast internet connections but may not have the latest top-of-the-line console and PC hardware. The Xbox Cloud Gaming service can be used to play certain games over the cloud with Xbox consoles, PCs, and a range of Apple and Android mobile devices, including some newer iPhones and iPads. Xbox Game Pass has proved hugely popular, and with the cloud gaming service, Microsoft is looking to expand access to Game Pass to people outside of the traditional PC and console gaming spaces.

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Fortnite has also crossed beyond the video game space, with musicians and celebrities making Fortnite gigs and concerts, while movie and TV studios and streaming giants are all lining up to partner with Epic on crossover content. Building on its popularity, Epic looks set to Fortnite to every platform out there, including Xbox Cloud Gaming, where it’s available for free on iOS, Android, and Windows PC. Normally, using Xbox Cloud Gaming requires a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but Fortnite turns out to be an exception. Getting keyboard and mouse support is a bit tricky though.

How to play Fortnite with keyboard and mouse on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Currently, Fortnite is only available on Xbox Cloud Gaming through supported web browsers; Dedicated Xbox Cloud Gaming apps on mobile platforms and the Xbox app on Windows will not work. According to Microsoft, supported web browsers include Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Windows and Safari on iOS devices, so there’s no completion Fortnite x Dragon Ball quests in Firefox or Opera.

Using a supported web browser, players can proceed to: Fortnite’s Xbox page and start the game there. For mouse and keyboard support, players must use the Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox xCloud third-party browser extension. Once this extension is installed, players will be prompted to activate keyboard and mouse support when their browser is streaming Fortnite.

It should be noted that while this extension is open source, it is still unofficial and not supported by Microsoft or Epic, so players should exercise discretion when deciding whether to use it. The extension itself can be reconfigured, allowing players to rebind and remap keys to match the Xbox controller input.

As seen in Microsoft’s video above, Xbox Cloud Gaming will eventually get mouse and keyboard support, so players will be able to soon Fortnite’s many cloud streaming quests with official mouse and keyboard configuration support.

But diehard cloud gaming fans who like mouse and keyboard setup and don’t mind making various adjustments to the key bindings can still use this extension in the meantime.

Source: Microsoft, Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox xCloud

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