How to Earn Free V-Bucks

Fortnite has many stylish items in the cosmetics store and you need V-Bucks to buy them. This virtual currency can be purchased directly in-game, but what if players want to earn it for free? There are a few ways to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite, and we’ll explain them in our guide.

Earn free V-Bucks in Fortnite with the Battle Pass

Each Fortnite season comes with a Battle Pass, which contains many different cosmetic items that can be redeemed with Battle Stars. The amount needed is listed below each reward. Most require you to purchase the Battle Pass for the season by paying 950 V-Bucks or subscribing to Fortnite Crew membership. However, some rewards can be claimed for free by all players, even those who do not have a subscription.

The Battle Pass also includes a few V-Bucks that can be redeemed for free. The first three items listed vertically on each Battle Pass page are usually free during each season. You can double check that by looking for the “Battle pass required” pink tag under each item description: if you see it, the battle pass is required. On the contrary, if the item doesn’t have it, you can redeem it for free once you get the required amount of Battle Stars and unlock that particular Battle Pass page.

Usually, 300 V-Bucks are free for all Fortnite players during each season, and Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4 is no exception. However, you have to play a lot to get them all. The in-game currency that can be redeemed is split into packs of 100 V-Bucks each and spread across several pages of the Battle Pass. Free V-Bucks are usually listed from page 2 of the pass, and the last item can even be found on page 9, like for season 4. That means you need to reach level 80 to unlock that particular page, which isn’t easy. task. Remember that every time you level up, you also get 5 Battle Stars needed to redeem Battle Pass items, including free V-Bucks.

You can earn XP and level up in Fortnite by playing the game, opening chests, getting good positions in each match and doing many other activities. You must also complete all available quests as many will reward you with a significant amount of XP. Additionally, Fortnite usually hosts special events, such as the latest Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collaboration, with special rewards, extra quests, and tons of XP to gain.

You need several seasons to get the 950 V-Bucks needed to claim the Battle Pass, which can be frustrating as each season usually lasts for months. However, once you’ve earned them, we recommend that you redeem the Battle Pass as you will get a lot of extra cosmetic items, and most importantly, you can get up to 1500 V-Bucks if you complete it. This way you can also unlock the next Battle Pass and in a few seasons you will have enough V-Bucks without paying them if you claim all the rewards.

Earn Free V-Bucks in Fortnite with Save the World

Fortnite: Save the World is the game’s PvE mode, which is less well-known than the popular Battle Royale, but still interesting. If you are an Early Access Founder of this game mode and bought it before June 29, 2020, you can get free V-Bucks just by logging into the game and also by completing some specific missions. These can also be used in the Battle Royale.

Every daily login into Save the World is rewarded and sometimes you get free V-Bucks. Quests and challenges can also reward Founders with free V-Bucks. Under the mission recap, you’ll see the items you can get upon completion, so take a look before starting a new one. Unfortunately, tiers purchased Fortnite: Save the World after June 29, 2020 will not get a free V-Buck from this game mode.

Beware of online scams

Many unofficial sites, YouTube videos and social accounts promise free V-Bucks on the web, but most of them are not easy to trust. You should pay close attention to anyone who requests your Epic Games account as it can be stolen. You also shouldn’t download any software or app that promises to get you free V-Buck. Also, be careful not to provide any personal or credit card information; It may be dangerous.

You have to play a lot of Fortnite to get free V-Bucks in the game, but it should be quite an easy task if you like this Battle Royale.

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