How to complete the Dragon Ball Recovery missions in Fortnite

Of Fortnite x Dragon Balls recovery Quest set, players can finally take a well-deserved break from training and fighting. Where most of the previous Dragon Ballthemed quests introduced in Fortnite During this event, players were challenged to demonstrate their knowledge and prove their skills, the seven Recovery Quest objectives are significantly easier and much less taxing. Together they provide an easier path for players looking to maximize their Power Levels to get their hands on those last few free event cosmetics and a few skips for their premium Fortnite battle passes.


As the name suggests, the Recovery Quest set is designed to help Fortnite players really relax and enjoy. Players were impressed by the sheer size of Fortnite’s crossing with Dragon Ball, and getting to grips with all the newly introduced event content is no small feat. Players can complete dozens of event missions to earn a full mini-Battle Pass worth of free cosmetics, iconic locations from the Dragon Ball series on custom islands, and even watch episodes of the popular in-game anime series. In addition, Epic’s partnership with Toei Animation also has several premium Fortnite skins based on Dragon Ball characters that players can buy with their V-Bucks.

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During this event, players have been given new challenges almost daily since the release of the first Fortnite x Dragon Ball Warm-up quest set. As such, any Dragon Ball fans who have struggled to complete quests will no doubt be relieved to learn that the recovery mission objectives are pretty straightforward, at least for the most part.

Get 50 health back while resting in a tent

Fortnite’s Tents are remarkably versatile structures, and they were introduced at the beginning of Fortnite Chapter three. These tents have a number of different functions: players can rest in them and store a limited number of items. Storing items allows players to return to their tent in subsequent matches to retrieve them. Tents can appear anywhere as Rare Ground loot in Fortnitethough they tend to fall more reliably in relaxation spots like loot landing. Once players have picked one up, they can place it on any suitable surface. Players can also claim abandoned tents they encounter on the Fortnite Island.

This quest requires players to pitch a tent on the Fortnite island or claim an abandoned tent as their own and then rest in it to regain health. As such, players actually need to take some damage to achieve this goal. Fighting other players while not shielded is an excellent way to lose some health. Alternatively, players can make this a little easier on themselves by fighting Fortnite’s NPCs. The latter aren’t nearly as dangerous as human players or even take some fall damage.

Take a dip in the water at Sunburned Shacks or Beach Bash

This is the second part of the quest above, and it’s pretty easy. All players have to do is visit Sunburned Shacks or Beach Bash and take a dip. Sunburned Shacks is located on the easternmost edge of the Fortnite island near Mighty Monument lagoon; players may recognize it because it is quite close to where they can encounter it dragon balls Bulma as a Fortnite NPC.

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Alternatively, players can also travel to Beach Bash on the west coast where they will encounter a small party complete with its own DJ booth and ice cream truck. Both locations don’t see much foot traffic, so players can choose either one. Once they arrive, all they need to do is jump into the water to complete this quest.

Get warm by a campfire and get 50 health back

Campfires are a common sight on the Fortnite island, and players can find them in most locations, including the small island in the middle of the loot landing lake and along the shores of loot landing and the Mighty monument lagoon. When lit, campfires gradually heal nearby players, but go out if not cared for. Players can fan the fire by knocking down a few Fortnite’s trees to use wood as fuel.

Players need to take some health damage to heal, but this can be done in many ways, similar to the tent quest above. Once injured, players can light a campfire and stay with it and heal.

Go fishing at the leafy reef, mighty monument and booty landing

Players will likely have to spend a few matches to complete this particular fishing trip, as Leafy Reef, Mighty Monument, and Loot Landing are not close to each other. Players must start fishing at Loot Landing in the center of the map before moving on to Leafy Reef or Mighty Monument, depending on where the storm circle lands. This allows players to visit two of the three fishing spots in one match.

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Mighty Monument and Loot Landing are great landing spots in Fortnite, and they are often a bit busy. However, both areas are also large and have several fishing spots, which look like schools of fish. Therefore, players should have no problem finding a quiet place to fish and relax. To complete this quest, players must cast their line and land a single fish in each location.

Restore 200 health by eating fish or meat during or after a versus fight

Join Fortnite’s Versus Battles, players have to deal with special Versus Boards, in which they compete against a random opponent. If both players agree to participate, they become visible on each other’s cards and can track each other down for a duel. Players who have completed Fortnite x Dragon Balls Sparring Practice missions have already participated in various versus battles over many matches to achieve their goals.

However, this quest does not require players to seek or damage their opponents. Any health restored by eating fish or meat while players have a Versus Battle active counts towards this quest. Players should prioritize fish over meat for this quest, as eating fish usually heals more health points than meat, and certain fish even grant beneficial special effects when consumed. Meat heals the player for less and can only be found by hunting and killing wildlife, which is more risky than catching fish.

Use a fishing rod to ride a booty shark

This quest can be a bit risky as Loot Sharks deal a lot of damage and are very aggressive, even chasing players out of the water and nipping at them on dry land. That’s why players need to refresh Fortnite’s movement mechanics when their attempts to hitch a ride on a Loot Shark go awry.

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The best place to complete this quest is the lake at Log jam Lotus in the northern part of Fortnite Island. Players must try to land on the other side of Logjam Lotus Lake to find a small house with a dock and a barrel full of fishing rods. By making sure they don’t get too close to the water, players can cast their fishing line in the direction of the Loot Shark that calls this lake home. This can be a bit tricky, as booty sharks have a very erratic movement pattern. Once players manage to hook up, however, they can enjoy some water skiing.

Complete 3 recovery missions

Complete three missions in each Fortnite x Dragon Balls quest sets give players a Dragon Ball. At this point, players who have been consistently engaged in the event missions are well on their way to collecting all 7 Dragon Ball collectibles and earning the exclusive Shenron Glider.

Players don’t need to complete every event quest to get them all Fortnite x Dragon Balls Power Unleashed cosmetics or the glider. However, the laid back objectives of the Recovery set are a great way for players to gain some Power Level Points while still allowing them to rest, relax and enjoy it all Fortnite x Dragon Ball has to offer.

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