How to Complete the Dragon Ball Endurance Training Missions in Fortnite

During Fortnite’s huge crossover with the hit anime Dragon Ball Z series, players have been able to tackle dozens of special event missions, with the latest Endurance training Quest set that tests the mind, body and spirit in one go. With nine missions for players to complete, the Endurance Training mission set takes players around the world Fortnite island and challenges them to use everything at their disposal to survive. Survival has of course always been the main goal in Fortnite, but with the Endurance Training quests, players will have to prove they know Epic’s Battle Royale inside out. as the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event rolls on, players must first Fortnite x Dragon Ball Warm-up missions to get to grips with all the crossover content, some of which will be helpful in helping players thrive.


The Endurance Training set includes nine mission objectives, some of which require players to support their own survival by building their shields and sprinting. Other quests in this set challenge players to prove they can handle the Fortnite island’s most hostile environments, tasking players with climbing mountains, swimming in icy water, and covering long distances on foot. Completing missions in Fortnite x Dragon Ball rewards players with Power Level Points, increases players’ Power Levels and rewards them with exclusive events Power unleashed! cosmetics.

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Some past event missions were as easy as finding dragon balls Bulma on the Fortnite island, but the Endurance Training quests are more difficult. While the objectives in these quests vary widely, they all aim to ensure players persevere to earn their Power Level Points.

Survive 10 storm phases

Most battle royale games introduce dangers of making areas of the map inaccessible, bringing players closer together in increasingly narrower play space. In Fortnite, this role is filled by The Storm, which deals damage to players who are unhappy being caught in it. Each match normally includes several storm phases, with later phases of the game pushing players into a zone only a few tens of meters wide.

For this quest it is important to survive until late in the game. Players have many options for survival, including grabbing Mythic weapons such as: Fortnite’s Star Wars E-11 Blaster Rifle to defend itself. Players will also need to stock up on shield and health items, such as major and minor shield potions, med kits and bandages, and food so they can quickly recover from battles. It’s best to land away from the action to survive more storm phases in a single match, and having a car or animal possession can come in handy for escaping the Storm and other players. This quest must be completed over several rounds, as matches rarely last longer than six or seven storm phases.

Get 150 shields in 3 different matches

Players can get shields in Fortnite by consuming shield potions, food and even by bouncing on glowing mushrooms at Fortnite x Dragon Balls Mushroom course. Potions build the most shields, with minor and major potions yielding 25 and 50 shield hit points, respectively. Players should note that players can only build a total of 50 shield hit points with small potions. By using two large potions, players can get the maximum 100 shield hit points.

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This quest is actually more about recovering shields after being hit. Since players can only get 100 shield hit points, this quest requires them to rebuild their shields after taking enemy damage. This is tricky because other players may have the best weapons in Fortnite, so letting them attack is risky. The best approach is for players to build a strong shield before taking on opponents and letting them deal some damage. Players should always consider their shields and health.

Land at Logjam Lotus and then climb to the highest point at Shifty Shafts

This is the first part of a three-stage quest. Players must first land on Log jam Lotus in the northwestern part of the Fortnite island and then go to Unreliable shafts. Logjam Lotus is clearly marked on the map above and is a fairly dense area with plenty of loot, making it a relatively popular landing zone. Still, these locations are a bit out of the way, with most of Fortnite’s daily and weekly quests that lead players away from this quieter corner of the map.

To complete this quest, players must land at Logjam Lotus before going to the highest point of Shifty Shafts. This can be confusing; players will notice that the highest point of Shifty Shafts, as indicated on the map above, is on a mountaintop a fair distance from the main Shifty Shafts area. It’s a bit of a trek, but the mountain isn’t a tough climb, and there’s a nice view for players to enjoy when they reach the top.

This is the second part of the quest and can only be completed if players have reached the top in the previous quest. Players should note that this quest must be done on foot, not depending on Fortnite’s tamable animal carriages, boats or cars.

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500 meters is quite a distance to cover, but luckily players will likely cover a significant portion of that distance by descending the mountain and returning to civilization.

Swim 250 meters in icy water

This is the third and final part of the quest and undoubtedly the most unpleasant phase. Although there are beautiful places on the Fortnite island that is practically tropical with shallow lagoons of warm water, this quest specifies icy water. To find that, players must travel to the snowy northwestern part of the island and take a long swim. This is for sure to test Fortnite strength of players; 250 meters is a lot to cover while swimming. Swimming around the lake at Logjam Lotus will continue this quest, and players may already be in the area after completing previous quest stages. However, players should stay away from the shark.

Collect 25 capsules on Dragon Ball Adventure Island

This quest requires players to join the custom Dragon Ball Adventure Island level below Fortnite’s Discover tab. As an official event level, it features prominently, but players can also access it by joining 5642-8525-5429 as an island code. Players can select a public or private server to explore this specially designed level, which has several missions for players to complete and features iconic locations from Dragon Ball rebuilt in Fortnite. The Capsules are everywhere, and there is more than enough for players to collect for this quest.

Eat a fruit and vegetable

Eating a balanced diet is also important in Fortnite. There are many consumables for fruits and vegetables in it Fortnite, such as apples, cabbage and coconuts. Consuming it has several benefits, with players usually getting a small amount of health or shield hit points. This doesn’t quite compare to consuming med kits or shield potions, but they can be helpful in a pinch. The trick is to find both fruits and vegetables on the Fortnite Island.

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Fortunately, players can avoid wasting time looking for fresh produce like Fortnite’s lootable Produce Boxes can still be found. Produce Boxes can drop a variety of fruits and vegetables for players to collect, and despite seasonal changes on the map, Apartment Canyon south of the map has a few more. Players have no excuses for not eating their greens.

Travel 200 meters while sprinting

This is a relatively simple quest and one that players can complete without even having the intention. Fortnite players can sprint a short distance as long as they have stamina, and 200 meters isn’t very far. So as long as players sprint when they can, they should be able to complete this quest.

Complete 3 endurance training missions

This quest will provide players with one of seven Dragon Ball collectibles, and all Fortnite x Dragon Ball quest sets have similar quests. Players can get these collectibles to earn a glider based on Shenron. Notably, players don’t need to complete all of the quests in each set to earn a Dragon Ball, so the glider isn’t hard to get.

Players will probably notice Fortnite x Dragon Balls Endurance workouts are not particularly difficult. Instead, like many of Fortnite’s more frustrating mission objectives, they are a bit time consuming and difficult, offering players a good test of perseverance and patience.

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