How to complete all Vibin’ Part 8 missions

ardent followers of Fortnite’s story and lore can now complete part 8 of this season’s Vibin’ questline, with new objectives adding more Battle Pass XP and a few extra fragments of Fortnite’s ongoing story. Of Fortnite Chapter Three Season four is fast approaching, this season’s Vibin’ quest is also coming to an end. Part 8 contains a total of eight objectives for players to tackle, fewer than the previous parts of the Vibin’ questline, suggesting that it won’t be long before this chapter of Fortnite’s story is completed. It remains to be seen what will happen at this season’s grand finale in less than two weeks, but with exciting leaks revealing a Fortnite debut for Spider-Gwen, players will want to grab the last few Battle Pass rewards and stay on top of everything that’s on the Fortnite Island.


Vibin’ Part 8 has eight objectives that players can complete if they successfully complete Vibin’ Parts 1 through 7. At this point in the season, players embarking on the Vibin’ storyline must complete dozens of challenging and time-consuming mission objectives. With less than two weeks before the arrival of Fortnite Chapter Three Season Four, this will no doubt be challenging even for the most dedicated and skilled Fortnite players. The rewards for this are great though, with story content for anyone interested in what’s happening in Fortnite beyond the massive crossover events, and plenty of Battle Pass XP for those interested in grabbing the Battle Pass bonus rewards.

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After finishing Fortnite Vibin’ Part 7, players will unlock Vibin’ Part 8, which consists of two four-stage missions. unlike Fortnite’s daily and weekly quests that can be completed simultaneously, players must complete each of the Vibin’ quests in order. Fortunately, compared to previous parts of the Vibin’ quest series, Part 8 is downright relaxed and offers players a bit of exercise and a short sightseeing trip.

Most players will probably be a little tired of setting up Device Uplinks by now, but at least it doesn’t take much effort. For this mission objective, there are eight separate places for players to create a device uplink, three at Tilted Towers and Coney Crossroads, and two at Shifty Shafts. Players want to be close Fortnite’s Loot Lake and its diving boards as next targets will appear in this area. The uplink in the northeast section of Tilted Towers and the uplink south of Coney Crossroads over the bridge are closest.

Find the Seven Comm Device

Players are then prompted to search for The Seven Comm Device. This can be found on the northeast shores of Loot Lake on a relatively neat stretch of beach between the two large buildings on the shoreline. It’s not hard to find, but players should be wary. Loot Lake lives up to its name and has a lot of rare loot for players to collect, making it one of the Fortnite’s best landing spots this season. It’s common to see gunfights happening here, even after the chaos of the early game. The area is quite dense and vertical, with plenty of options for players to outsmart their opponents by outsmarting them.

Swim through 10 energy clouds to recharge the energy cell

Unfortunately, The Seven Comm Device doesn’t work and players have to recharge the energy cell. At this point, glowing clouds of energy appear all over Loot Lake and players must swim through them to charge the cell. This is arguably the most difficult target for Vibin’ Part 8, as the energy clouds are hard to spot. However, they appear to be following a rough path leading from the Seven Comm Device to Tilted Towers, where players will find the coolest player on the planet. Fortnite Island.

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Players should swim approximately southwest to Tilted Towers and then back around the island in the middle of Loot Lake back to The Seven Comm Device. The energy clouds are actually just above the water, so players must dive up and down to successfully swim through them. It is best to keep an eye on other players; Loot Lake is a busy area and players will not have much cover in the open water. Likewise, players should not get too close to Tilted Towers as a hungry Loot Shark can be found patrolling the water near the Tilted Towers docks. Take a ride on a Fortnite Loot Shark to catch all the clouds is possible if players want to reach this goal a little faster, although it can be tricky to pull off and it will certainly attract a lot of attention.

Reconnect the power cell to the Seven Comm device

Once that’s done, players can head back to The Seven Comm Device and plug the cell back in. That will complete the first Vibin’ Part 8 quest. However, players will likely have spent quite some time completing the game, so the following mission objectives may not be easily accessible due to the storm or other factors. Starting a new match is therefore always an option. Alternatively, players can just go ahead and spend some time bashing Fortnite doors and try to get a Victory Royale for some extra Battle Pass XP.

There are six spots to accomplish this goal, three at Sanctuary and three at Sleepy Sound. Subsequent objectives take players to Coney Crossroads and then to Lazy Lagoon, so players have a number of options here. They can land on the uplink north of Sanctuary, just a short jog from Coney Crossroads. Alternatively, they can land south of Sleepy Sound and grab a car at the gas station to head straight south to Coney Crossroads. The road east out of Coney Crossroads leads straight to Lazy Lagoon.

Visit Coney Crossroads and Lazy Lagoon

This part of Fortnite’s running story is essentially just a quiet sightseeing trip. Players can easily reach both locations as described above, bearing in mind that Coney Crossroads is quite busy in most matches. Since there isn’t much distance to cover in this quest, players don’t have to rush from Coney Crossroads or Sleep Sound and can spend some time working on other quests and collecting items.

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Lazy Lagoon is a fairly recent addition to the Fortnite island map, so players may want to spend some time exploring it before advancing to the finals Fortnite Vibin’ Part 8 objective.

Collect the Origin helmet at Seven Outpost III

The Origin previously appeared as one of the Fortnite island’s many NPCs on Seven Outpost III. This location is not marked, but players can find it just northeast of Lazy Lagoon. Unfortunately, when they get there, players can only find his helmet: The Origin has apparently disappeared along with the rest of The Seven, who disappeared during Vibin’ Part 7.

This will allow players to complete Vibin’ Part 8 in preparation for the grand finale in Vibin’ Part 9 starting next week. Each of these quests will reward the player with 7,000 Battle Pass XP, while completing part 8 will give players an additional 36,000 XP, for a total of 92,000 XP. It’s a solid amount, enough to give players an extra level at the last minute Fortnite battle pass.

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