How to complete all Vibin’ Part 6 missions

That Fortnite x Dragon Ball has ended, some semblance of normalcy has been restored in the Fortnite island, with players now playing part 6 of . be able to complete Fortnite’s Vibin’s quest. With a total of nine objectives, Vibin’ Part 6 continues Fortnite’s ongoing story, where interested players can follow the storyline of the game over the many seasons. For players who are not that interested in Fortnite’s background knowledge, the Vibin’ quests also offer bumper harvests of Battle Pass experience points, which arguably become even more valuable as Fortnite Chapter Three Season three is coming to an end. Additionally, as players scramble to complete their weekly quests and navigate the latest Fortnite Battle Pass levels, the Vibin’ quests can provide an XP boost for players looking to complete the last few levels before this season ends.


Vibin’s mission objectives typically instruct players to visit specific locations, interact with mysterious objects, and experiment with different game mechanics, such as swimming and foraging for food. Unfortunately for players who haven’t kept up with the Vibin’ storyline until now, part 6 quests will not be available until players have completed parts 1-5 of Vibin’. This includes completing dozens of objectives, some of which are very challenging and time consuming. While this takes a lot of effort, players can also earn a lot of Battle Pass XP doing them, which probably makes the whole quest worthwhile.

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Once players have caught up to Vibin’ so far, they’ve tracked down Fortnite’s Sith Holocron, looted Reality Saplings and localized relics at Shuffled Shrines, they can start tackling Vibin’ Part 6. This part contains nine objectives, which must be completed one after the other. While some are relatively easy, others can be a bit tricky to master.

To start part 6, players must first touch the base and establish a device uplink. There are eight different places nearby Apartment Canyon, the Joneses, and Chonker’s Speedway where players can do this, and each of them is enough for this quest. While the Fortnite island was taken over by the masses Fortnite x Dragon Ball event, it was not easy for players to complete non-event missions like some of Fortnite’s weekly assignments. However, it is now a bit quieter; all players just need to land nearby, find the blue signal icon and run through it. The best uplink for this quest is south of Condo Canyon, bringing players closest to the next target.

Find the seat

The seat is located on a Seven Outpost immediately south of Condo Canyon and east of Chonker’s Speedway, just off the main road. When approaching, players will receive a prompt to interact with this legendary relic.

To complete this quest, players must establish another device uplink near The Joneses, Coney Crossroads, greasy bushor Log jam Lotus. Players can track these in-game on their maps, but the easiest location to get to is probably in The Joneses north of The Chair’s location. This location is close to the Mighty Monument Lagoon, where several Fortnite’s The strangest weekly quests can be completed, so players should watch out for trouble.

Travel 500 meters while sprinting

500 meters is a reasonable distance for players to cover Fortniteespecially when sprinting. However, players can do this in one match by sprinting as many times as their stamina meter allows. Again, it helps players avoid crowded areas where there is a lot of fighting.

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While sprinting as much as possible in a competition is more efficient, it’s not strictly necessary; Progress in this mini-marathon is counted across matches so players don’t have to complete their sprint in one match.

Consume 6 harvested items

forage Fortnite refers to a wide variety of consumables. The glowing mushrooms that grow next to Reality Saplings, grown from seeds found by breaking Fortnite’s Reality Seed Pods are arguably the easiest way to achieve this goal. While not guaranteed to appear, some Reality Saplings planted by players have glowing mushrooms on the ground nearby. Up to three can appear near these saplings, making this an efficient way to accomplish this goal. Alternatively, players can encounter Klomberry plants that are quite common, or consume the mushrooms that grow on the ground in forested areas around the world. Fortnite Island.

Travel 500 meters while swimming

Swimming is quite risky in Fortnite, given the lack of quiet spots where players can take a dip. Swimming around ponds and lakes, such as those found at Loot Landing and Logjam Lotus, can be dangerous. These areas are usually frequented by other players or have environmental hazards such as highly aggressive Loot Sharks. Players can benefit from having a teammate or two; Fortnite after all, it’s best played with friends, and in this case they can help keep an eye out for danger from the shoreline. Swimming downstream is an excellent way to do this, as it allows players to move faster and cover a greater distance.

This is practically identical to checking in at the device’s first uplink. Players simply need to land near one of the marked spots near The Joneses, Condo Canyon or Chonker’s Speedway. Again, the device at Condo Canyon is closest to the next target, so players may want to aim for that.

Break energy field around the chair

To break the energy field around The Chair, players must return to the Seven Outpost where they first found it and hit it with their pickaxe until the energy field breaks. Just like some of the healthiest quests in Fortnitethis goal is deceptively simple.

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Players may have noticed that much of the questline of Part 6 puts the strength of their characters to the test and prepares them to break the strange energy field around The Chair.

Collect the chair

The ultimate goal asks players to interact with the chair to collect it. Not much is needed for this.

For players who have completed Vibin’s entire quest thus far, Part 6 is actually kind of a breather, given the kinds of objectives players had to tackle in earlier parts of the quest. Earlier parts of Vibin’s questline challenged players to visit locations on the map to defeat dangerous enemies and capture some of the Fortnite’s strangest environment puzzles, but the objectives of part 6 are relatively simpler. Fortunately for players, they award the same amount of XP as these more difficult objectives, with 7,000 XP for completing each of the nine objectives and 43,000 XP for completing the entire set. As a result, Part 6 is ideal for players looking for an extra Battle Pass level or two, like this Fortnite season is slowly coming to an end.

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