How the return of bleach avoids a huge quality problem even the original had?

Warning: Contains spoilers for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 1.Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War has officially started, and it was set up to avoid a major anime problem that even the original Bleach had anime. Because of how demanding a job on anime can be, there will often be many instances of a show with blatantly bad visuals and animation due to a lack of time and resources. The biggest culprits of this are anime that have been broadcast continuously for years, with anime-like Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, black clover, A pieceand even the original Bleach anime are notorious for being wildly inconsistent with their overall quality.


Happy, Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War is ready to avoid this problem completely. Studio Pierrot’s Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War is set to be broadcast as four split naturally, meaning it will air 12-13 episodes at a time before taking a break for a season of anime. That means the staff will have shorter workloads with better defined breaks, meaning it should be much easier to maintain consistent quality for the series than it was for the original anime.

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Why was the quality of the original Bleach Anime so inconsistent?

As for the original Bleach anime, while it had a lot of good moments, there were still plenty of scenes where the art and animation, if not downright bad, didn’t match some of the standout moments of the series, especially when compared to Tite Kubo’s original art. As for why that happened, there’s no exact reason for it beyond the aforementioned issues of a long-running anime, but one possible factor could be how BleachThe animation studio, Studio Pierrot, also made Naruto and 2007 Naruto Shippuden during Bleachoriginal run. Both anime were also very high profile shows that ran without breaks for years so Bleach probably suffered from Studio Pierrot’s inability to handle two large projects at once. The fact that both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden also suffering from inconsistent quality also gives credence to the idea. Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War could still get in trouble thanks to the fact that Studio Pierrot was also at work Boruto: Naruto Next Generationsbut the fact that it will be a split course should definitely help to alleviate any problems.

How much of Bleach’s manga will each Cour of Thousand-Year Blood War cover?

Another question to ask is how much of the Bleach manga every cour of Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War will cover. The Bleach manga’s “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc covers the last 20 parts, so with Thousand Years of Blood War have four naturallythat means it has to adapt the manga at a rate of about five volumes per course. Episode 1 modified the first half of volume 55, so based on that it would make sense to keep the pace at that figure.

Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War will be broadcast over four split naturally, and that’s ultimately the best decision for it. With the anime that allows breaks between each season courseit should be much easier to keep consistent quality compared to other anime even the original Bleach animation. The Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War trailers and premiere are already known for the movie-like quality of their art and animation, so with a bit of luck the rest of the anime will follow.

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Bleach: Thousand Years’ Blood War releases new episodes on Hulu on Monday.

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