How Made in Abyss’s Finale Proves It’s the Best Anime of Summer 2022

Warning: Contains IMPORTANT SPOILERS for: Made in the abyss season 2!The Criminally Underwatched Anime Made in the abyss just aired its one-hour season finale, definitively proving it’s the best show of the summer. Made in the abyss is an anime created by Kinema Citrus, based on the manga of the same name by Akihito Tsukushi that follows a young girl Riko and her robotic companion Reg as they descend into the mysterious Abyss. The great first season and movie set an extremely high standard for the second season to live up to, but the show easily lived up to this standard and then some.


Season 2, officially known as Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Burning Sun is one of the most anticipated anime of the summer of 2022, continuing the adventures of Riko’s party as they enter the 6th tier of the Abyss. Here they encounter a city run by inhuman creatures known as cavities. Riko’s group befriends the various inhabitants of this town, but in the process discovers a disturbing history. The city was built from the corrupt form of a child named Irumyuui. Therefore, Irumyuui created Faputa, a manifestation of her desire for revenge against those who forced her to this fate.

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In the Season 2 finale, Faputa finally gets the ultimate revenge against the Hollow village, and it’s extremely bittersweet. By breaching the village’s protective divisions, Faputa allows the incredibly deadly creatures of the Abyss to attack the village as well, robbing her of the pure revenge she wanted. The villagers, all of whom worship Faputa despite her hatred towards them, let her eat them to give her the strength to destroy the beasts that plague the village, and in the ensuing battle, all the hollows and the village are completely destroyed. This ensures that the finale is both a harrowing emotional experience and a beautiful spectacle, as the protagonists must escape the collapsing village while mourning the villagers they have come close to over the course of the season. This is typical of the brutality of Made in the abyss unique setting and the effects it can have on its characters, but the finale also showcases a thematic richness that few other anime can top.

Made in the abyss Offers a thematic conclusion few anime can match

The main theme of this season was the meaning of human worth. The village is governed by the principle of value, which is considered both transactional and sacred. On a more subtle level, many of the characters also define themselves based on their value to other people, which led to Irumyuui wanting to become a mother. It is also part of what drives Faputa to fervently desire revenge, as it is the reason for her birth. Destroying the city takes away Faputa’s main raison d’être and she can live on without a preconceived idea of ​​how valuable she could be to her mother. This culminates in a beautiful moment when Faputa enjoys her newfound freedom at the end of the episode. There’s a reason so many anime side characters are more popular than their main character counterparts, and Faputa is a perfect example.

The finale also literally and figuratively ends many of the character arcs introduced in this season, which is both satisfying to watch and heartbreaking. The show’s willingness to tear down most of the new elements it had introduced this season once again proves its willingness to take risks most other anime wouldn’t dream of. For all these reasons and more, Made in the abyss‘s finale proves it’s the best show of the summer and possibly the best anime of the year.

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Made in the abyss Season 2 is available to stream on HIDIVE.

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