Halo Infinite And Fortnite Should Keep Scratching Each Other’s Backs

the last five years, Fortnite has definitely dominated the online multiplayer market. While it’s not without its fair share of competition, especially from all the usual big names like Duty and Apex Legends, Fortnite has managed to stay a cut above the rest, and much of that is due to the game’s live service model. The live service model will not work for every game, but for Fortnitehas managed to keep players invested long after its initial release, with new skins, modes, and weapons constantly being added to the game to keep it fresh.


One of the most important parts of Fortnite‘s live service model is the addition of new cosmetics, mainly character skins, and in the past five years, Fortnite has been able to bring an unfathomable number of skins to the table, with some of the most popular crossovers of other properties. From Marvel to Star Wars, Fortnite has had it all, and two years ago one of the game’s most talked about skins came straight from Halo Infinitea game that could use a little more exposure right now.

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Halo and Fortnite have to cross again

In general, Halo Infinite is currently not in the good graces of the gaming audience. Although it was released to positive reviews, both from fans and critics, Halo InfiniteThe lack of maps, modes, and weapons is starting to disappoint, and that initial wave of nostalgia is really gone. Since its release in November, Halo Infinite has only received a handful of updates, each offering a paltry amount of content compared to other live service titles. Halo Infinite could use a helping hand now.

In December 2020, after an announcement at the Game Awards, a Master Chief skin came to Fortnite. although Halo Infinite wasn’t released until a year later, this crossover paved the way for new and younger fans to discover the long-running Sci-Fi franchise. Whether gamers loved or hated the crossover, there’s no denying that it got people talking, and that’s exactly what both Fortnite and Halo want.

Halo Infinite must cross with Fortnite once again. Although some are die-hard Halo fans may despise it, more Halo X Fortnite crossovers would likely yield a positive outcome for both titles. In front of FortniteLake Halo skins means even more sales, while for Halo Infinitewould a crossover only be for people to talk about Halo and maybe even try the game for the first time. In this stadium, Halo Infinite couldn’t do much worse in the eyes of his fans, so another short crossover with Fortnite wouldn’t really ruin the franchise’s reputation.

Recent, Fortnite crossed with Lot 2, a fellow live service title. Though it was only a handful of skins, gliders, and emotes, the crossover brought a wealth of new eyes to the Destiny brand, and vice versa, with Fortnite Easter eggs appear in Destiny. A potential future Fortnite and Halo crossover could follow a similar format, where: Fortnite receives more skins based on characters from the game, such as the Arbiter of Halo 3 ODST‘s Alpha Nine squad. As regards Halo Infiniteit could be a little brighter, more colorful Fortnite-inspired shaders and weapon charms. To take it one step further, the two franchises could even briefly swap arsenals, with the likes of Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer heading into Fortnitewhile the Ranger AR and Auto Shotgun come Halo Infinite. There is a lot of potential for another Fortnite and Halo Infinite crossing, with endless likely to benefit from the event.

Fortnite is free to play on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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