‘Funamushi’s Tenacity’ – Boruto Anime Episode 245 Review

Salad and Buntan team up in ‘Funamushi’s Tenacity’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 245)

boruto anime episode 245, titled ‘Funamushi’s Tenacity’, was about showing how far Funamushi was willing to go to avenge Seiren. The episode took a very serious turn at the end.

‘Funamushi’s Tenacity’ showed that our heroes experienced failure after failure, as none of their plans seemed effective against Funamushi’s thirst for revenge. I actually liked Kagura’s strategy of trapping the incoming small army in the ravine. If only it had worked. At least we got to see Boruto and his crew put up a good fight at the ravine and later in the small village.

Funamushi is clearly capable of going to great lengths to avenge Seiren. He had great admiration for her and as far as he was concerned, a rematch with Kagura (who hurt Seiren) was his fate. I’m also a little unsure if Seiren is still alive. As far as I can remember, Funamushi said she wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. However, I don’t know if he meant she was dead or if the injury took away her ability to walk.

After trapping Boruto and the rest in the ravine, Funamushi unleashed a powerful water-style Jutsu, the ‘Furious Roaring Tornado’. I think the level of destruction of said Jutsu contributed to Funamushi becoming a serious threat. That said, I would have liked to see Boruto, Mitsuki, Salad, and Buntan at least try to dispel the attack by using some sort of Lightning Jutsu. I would assume that a lightning strike would have gone through all the water and injured Funamushi (who was in the ‘Furious Roaring Tornado’). hmm.

As for the battle in the village, I liked how the writers got certain characters to work together. We got Buntan and Salad working together, with Buntan also complimenting how much Salad has grown the last time they fought. Iwabe and Kyoho pulled off a nice combo while Hebiichigo and Metal covered each other’s backs. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind if Hebiichigo and Metal become a couple.

As for Hebiichigo’s emotions, I think viewers expected her to come back to help Kagura and the rest fight Funamushi’s small army. Hebiichigo did not like to be alone. And while she might die fighting the Funato clan, she decided to return because at least she would still be with friends.

Speaking of dying, I’m concerned about Kagura’s fate after what happened at the end of the episode. He realized that to defeat Funamushi he too would have to give everything to fight. Funamushi was ready to die to avenge Seiren. He even collected the water needed for his Jutsu by drawing it from the blood of his subordinates. He meant business. And so Kagura had to risk his life to protect his friends and the village.

And while Kagura’s all-out attack (made by feeding chakra to his sword) resulted in the destruction of the ‘Furious Raging Tornado’, Funamushi was quick enough to step away from the impact and then return to face an exhausted Kagura. grab.

Kudos to the writing team for showing that Boruto and his friends were engaged in a real war. It was impossible for Funamushi to let Kagura go, even after Boruto and his crew dropped their weapons. Attacking Kagura was personal to Funamushi and he would not rest until the task was completed.

Funamushi wanted our heroes to experience the pain of seeing someone they care about get hurt and I think the animation team did a good job of displaying the pain and shock on Boruto and Kagura’s faces when Funamushi used a knife stabbed right through Kagura’s chest.

I really don’t want this to be the end for Kagura. So let’s see if the next episode does anyone manage to heal their wound. Also, why the hell didn’t Salad use Genjutsu to make Funamushi . to make think he attacked Kagura? I really want the writers to do more with Salad’s Genjutsu skills.

What did you think of ‘Funamushi’s Tenacity’? Do you think Kagura will make it out alive?

Let us know.

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