Fun Pokemon types we want to see

The pokemon franchise has been going strong for over 20 years and has been rocking the same Pokemon types almost all this time. Dark and Steel types were introduced in the second entries in the series, Gold and Silver, and the Fairy type was introduced in X and Y almost 13 years later.

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While 18 varieties may be enough for some, there is certainly room for more. At this point, we’re overdue for a new type of Pokemon or two. So let’s take a look at some fun new types that could bring some interesting changes to new games in this long-running franchise.


6 Sound type

There has been speculation about typing a sound-based Pokemon for some time now, and for good reason. There are several existing Pokemon that can easily change into Sound type, including the Whismur line, Noibat and Noivern, and Chatot, just to name a few. Moves like Growl, Screech and Perish Song are also contenders for a type change.

While Sound-type might as well be part of the game, the way the pros and cons unfold can mix up the playing field. In addition, a sound-based type could influence the culture of a new region, with a focus on the lightness of song and dance.

5 digital type

Digital type is another popular prediction among old Pokemon fans, but not many existing Pokemon fit this type. The Porygon line and Genesect are strong contenders, but the appeal of a digital or artificial type lies in the potential for new Pokemon designs.

Pokemon created by humans or computer viruses can bring new and interesting designs and ideas to the franchise. Pokemon has always relied heavily on sci-fi themes and futuristic technology, so why is Porygon the only Pokemon ever made by humans? With a new Digital type, we were able to see themes such as the ever advancing aspect of technology, how it shapes our society and what that means for the unmistakably natural world of Pokemon as creatures.

4 cosmic type

Since Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the franchise as a whole has explored the idea of ​​space several times. With some Pokemon like Deoxys and Clefairy literally coming from outer space, these themes have remained dominant in the series over the last decade of Pokemon games. With that, we really should have a Cosmic type.

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Cosmic type would not only include new and interesting type benefits, but it could also allow a new game to dive straight into space, perhaps exploring different planets, piloting spaceships and more. A Cosmic type could, quite literally, open up a new world of possibilities for Pokemon, old and new.

3 Light type:

While it may seem like Fairy-type has stolen the spotlight from Light-type, we believe there’s enough distinction between the two to justify this new type. For starters, taken literally, Light-type could apply to Pokemon that produce light, such as Ampharos, Lanturn, Heliolisk, or Necrozma, the Prism Pokemon. Pokemon such as Solgaleo or Ho-oh, which are strongly connected to the Sun, are also candidates for this interpretation of Light-type.

On the other hand, Light-type could imply the antithesis of Dark-type, where the two would cancel each other out or be advantageous against each other. Pokemon like Gallade, Shaymin, or Cresselia, who embody the opposite of darkness, could support this interpretation for Light-type. Anyway, Light-type has been speculated by the community for a while, and while it may overlap with Fairy-type, it can still provide interesting inspiration for new Pokemon designs and concepts.

2 Crystal Type:

There are several Pokemon games named after types of minerals or geodes, and yet there is still no Crystal type in the game. Minerals have been the inspiration for three different generations of Pokemon games, but Crystals are suspiciously absent from the Pokemon type list.

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Pokemon like Diancie are supposed to be Crystal-type by now, but others like Sableye and Starmie have crystals in their designs. The interesting element of a crystal type comes from the potential of new designs and cultures based on crystal structures. The crystal type can also be a great secondary type especially with other types mentioned in this list.

1 magic type

Pokemon already has a touch of mystique permeating the franchise; from legendary creatures that control time and space to lizards that can breathe fire. While Pokemon attacks can be considered a form of magic, especially when compared to contemporary fantasy wizards who cast fireballs and lightning bolts, a Magic type could inspire new areas, cultures, regions, and Pokemon designs that differ enough from the aforementioned examples.

In addition, it is strongly suggested that several are existing Pokemon Magic users. Delphox has a wand for casting spells, Alakazam is a magician in a magic show, Mr. Mime uses the sacred art of mimicry and Mismagious is literally a witch, not to mention the iconic giant floppy hat. While it may overlap too much with the wide range of Physchic-type Pokemon already present in the games, the Magic-type can deliver interesting ideas with the power of spell and charm casting.

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