Fortnite’s Paradise Season Needs New Shotguns

FortniteThe fourth season of Chapter 3 has had a rocky start so far. A huge bug deleted everything Fortnite servers at the end of Season 3, ending the season nearly 12 hours earlier than initially planned. While the new “Paradise” season is bug-free, the new Fortnite Battle Pass left fans wanting more. Now, the game’s current roster of shotguns has drawn the ire of fans.

By going free-to-play early, Fortnite earned itself and a vast and loyal fan base. As time went on and more competitors followed Epic Games’ model, Fortnite‘s allure begins to lose its luster. Shotguns are just the latest example of Fortnite complaints from players that Epic has fought as it fights to keep its players. If the popular battle royale title is to remain at the top of the charts, it will have to start taking fan feedback into account, and this season’s poor roster is a good place to start.


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Current shotguns in Fortnite

Fortnite currently has four shotguns in rotation for players, each of which has its own drawbacks. The option fans are most familiar with is the Lever Action Shotgun, which packs a powerful punch but has a rate of fire of just 0.95 and a reload time of 6.6 seconds, enough time for any enemy to take a powerful shot. to gain an advantage.

The Ranger Shotgun, on the other hand, deals a lot of damage and fires at a fast rate. However, this weapon requires pinpoint accuracy against any enemy at close range. As players can tell from its name, the Ranger Shotgun is best used against medium-range enemies, rather than in close combat like most shotguns.

Another option is the Prime Shotgun, a semi-automatic weapon best used at close range. Its rate of fire and reload time are slightly better than the lever action, but the damage it can do is much more limited. Players choosing between the Prime and Lever Action shotguns must choose between speed and damage.

The newest and final option is the Evochrome Shotgun. Introduced together with FortniteThe Evochrome’s new Chrome threat has low damage and fire rates at Uncommon and Rare levels, but can be powerful at higher rarities. Unlike other weapons that can only be upgraded at Upgrade Benches, Evochrome weapons can be upgraded once players have dealt a certain amount of damage with them. While this is a nice new feature, players who want the best shotgun in the game will have to make several kills or hunt for wildlife until the Evochrome Shotgun reaches legendary or mythical rarity.

Epic must embrace playstyle preferences

Despite Epic Games’ best efforts, Fortnite Fans’ favorite weapons will always be the earlier options. These weapons have been around the longest for a reason. In addition, their in-game duration means that players have spent the most time on these weapons and have mastered their use.

In Epic’s effort to advance the franchise, it has left the best weapons behind. A plethora of new shotguns have been introduced in recent seasons and updates, but each pales in comparison to the originals. The first Pump Shotgun has been hailed as a fan favorite for its high damage and relatively good rate of fire. Fortnite tried to mimic that effect with the Lever Action Shotgun, but the rate of fire is painfully slow and there’s no hope if players need to reload mid-fight.

Part of what keeps fans returning to Fortnite is the constant updates of the weapons, the map and the in-game shop. However, it seems that Epic has ignored gamers’ favorite playstyle in favor of change for the sake of change. With shotguns being slow or weak, many players have had to completely change their game style. Relying on SMGs or avoiding close combat. In an increasingly competitive free-to-play market, Fortnite must be sure that it does not lose its most loyal fans. Bringing back older shotguns would be a step in the right direction.

Fortnite is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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