Fortnite Zero Build: 10 Best Weapons

Fortnite Zero Build is a blast and a half, especially with a great loot pool. No more sweaty building battles or turtle strategies; you’ll have to play more offensively if you want to claim a Victory Royale. Ultimately, you’ll have to try these weapons yourself to see which one excels at using.

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No matter what platform you play on, the best gear will always be the one you feel most comfortable with. For practice, you could think of Team Rumble as a high-action game mode with low consequences if you get eliminated. Let’s take a look at some of the best weapons you should try in Fortnite Zero Build.


10 Two-shot shotgun

At 111 DPS, the two-shot shotgun is a solid choice for close quarters combat. A headshot can get your opponent in serious trouble, especially if you’re wielding an enhanced rarity. The big problem with this weapon is the reload speed. If your clip runs out, you’ll want to swap out this weapon instead of waiting for the significant reload. This shotgun is also useful for taking out wildlife that may come at you.

9 Heavy Sniper Rifle

Another pistol with a significant reload speed (and only one shot) is the heavy sniper rifle. With 44 DPS and 132 damage per shot, this weapon is packed with firepower as long as you don’t miss it. A well-placed headshot can erase someone’s shield and knock them out without any means of retaliation.

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The other benefit of having this weapon in your gear is the usefulness of the scope. Without ever firing, you can keep an eye on enemies near and far as you plan your next move. Sit somewhere high and look around for that perfect shot, but remember that near misses will leave you reloading for a while.

8 Sidearm Pistol

At 209 DPS, the side weapon pistol is often an unsung hero in many loadouts. If you’re quick at firing shots, this thing can shred an opponent as fast as you can click a mouse or pull a trigger. It’s a well-rounded weapon that can get you out of a tough spot, especially in the early stages of the game. Later, if you prefer a ranged weapon like the DMR or an SMG for close quarters combat, the sidearm pistol probably won’t be as valuable. If you have an open lock you could do a lot worse, but don’t hold onto it for too long.

7 E-11 blaster rifle

Something of a laser SMG, the E-11 Blaster Rifle has 142 DPS and an overheating system. If you activate the overheat, it will take a while before you can use the gun again. The upside is that this gun uses no ammunition, making it a great weapon to put down some suppressive fire. It’s far from essential, especially if you already have a good SMG, but it’s nice if you happen to have an open space.

6 Combat Assault Rifle

At 207 DPS, the Combat Assault Rifle packs a heavy punch at the cost of some serious recoil. As a mid-range weapon, it’s okay, but it lacks the ability to get precise shots. It certainly excels when you’re close to the enemy; however, you could probably do better when it comes to distance shooting.

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If you’re looking for something in the spray and pray department, be sure to check this out. What it lacks in accuracy it makes up for in speed and power.

5 Ranger Assault Rifle

At 148 DPS, the ranger isn’t the heaviest assault rifle, but it can be the most accurate. You can tap your enemies from a distance so that the reticle stays tight and accurate with every shot. Even if you unload the clip quickly, you’ll find that the spread and recoil aren’t that bad. This is an extremely useful weapon if you want to use your assault rifle for long range shots. Spend some time on it and see what you think.

4 First shotgun

At 101 DPS, you might think this is a little high on the list, and maybe it is. With a low clip and slow reload, it has some of the same drawbacks as the other shotguns in the game. The key to this weapon, however, is to keep it fully loaded. At a full clip, the first shot deals extra damage and can really surprise an enemy with it. The only downside is that you have to make that first shot count. If you like shotguns, be sure to give this one a shot to prove its worth.

3 Hammer Assault Rifle

This is a bit of a middle ground between assault rifles. At 203 DPS, the hammer deals some damage without undergoing the battle rifle’s spread and recoil. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same accuracy or tightness as the Ranger assault rifle. However, it strikes a great balance between the two and is a fantastic addition to the loot pool.

2 Stinger SMG

When you get to know the enemy up close and personal, at 240 DPS, you can’t hope for a better weapon than the stinger SMG. It has the ability to rip through an opponent’s shields before they can even react. With a quick reload, you can keep moving and take out target after target. While you might not want to lean on it for anything close to mid-range, this weapon will likely be your star of the show for close-range combat.

1 the DMR

You couldn’t wish for a better weapon in your loadout than the DMR. 145 DPS, a big clip, a scope and a medium length reload speed. With the ability to take quick shots, it’s easier to get hits on moving targets. This is especially true for enemies who might try to hit you with a clever Kamehameha. If someone makes the mistake of becoming a sitting duck, you can punish them for it before they realize what’s going on. So it is always useful to have a DMR with you.

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