Fortnite TikTok Creator Explains Epic Dragon Ball Z Troll

A TikTok video shows Goku in Fortnite crying after being trolled by a viral video.

If you were online at all last week and the Fortnite/Dragon Ball crossover event, chances are pretty good you’ve run into someone who lost it at an apparent zoomer mispronouncing Goku’s iconic attack. “So we all know the Kameyamama has been overpowered,” creator Dagwummy said in his August 18 video. It spread like wildfire. Pretty soon everyone from Ninja to Goku’s real-life voice actor had weighed in. Most then moved on quickly. If they hadn’t, they would have known they’d been trolling.

“I noticed that a bunch of other Fortnite creators had mispronounced the name”, bye wummy told Kotaku in a telephone interview. “And so the night before I made that video I just thought if everyone is saying it wrong it would be funny to add to that because I knew some people would take the bait and there would be some funny comments there .” He was right.

The video finally nailed that sweet spot for social media making people angry about someone being wrong in an extremely specific and nerdy way. Dagwummy also confessed that he had never seen any of the original anime.

He said he went with a “Yo Mama” pun because he’d used it occasionally in the past, and despite recording several takes with different ways of mispronouncing the phrase, he stuck with that version. It apparently took him 20-30 minutes to capture the perfectly dry and straight intonation.

At least the fact that the pun was so corny and meaningless made it much more believable as a real mistake. Anyone who knows his channel would have heard him pronounce Kamehameha correctly the previous day, but in the context-destroying world of the internet, it became perfect bait. Especially since there is already a cultural subtext that young people play Fortnite have no idea where the brand name crossover characters they play originally came from.

Dagwummy, who has 630K subscribers on YouTube and nearly a million followers on Tiktok, has been making videos for years, focusing on informative shorts that let people know what’s going on in Fortnite. According to him, the video started blowing up on YouTube shorts and TikTok before reaching a whole new audience on Twitter. “I cry why he says kamehameha like that,” the anime account JohnnySpits wrote later that day in a tweet that garnered more than 100,000 likes.

While some Dragon Ball fans raved about TikTok duets, others were just trying to add their own dunks. “The cum hey ha mama,” Ninja wrote. “Smh,” KSI replied. Even Goku’s English dub voice Sean Schemmel responded by tweeting, “The ‘Kamiamama’ is Kami’s mama?”

On August 20, Dagwummy released another video explaining how he had successfully trolled millions of people. That video ended up getting even more views than the original. He also persisted, calling Goku “Gaku” at the very end of the video. “I’m crying over some Aizen level stuff here, mf played tf outta me 😭😭,” responded the JohnnySpits account.

Others in Dagwummy’s comments claim not to be convinced. For his part, he says he never expected it to get so much attention in the first place. It wasn’t really, you know, meant to be an engagement forum,” he said. Of course that didn’t stop him from trolling people with again another mispronunciation earlier this week.


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