Fortnite streamer Mikey accuses fellow streamer Bianca of being abusive and manipulative, shares the latter’s homophobic and racist comments

On October 7, Fortnite Twitch streamer Mikey6 (aka Mikey) took to Twitter to share his story in which he revealed that co-developer of Twitch content Bianca had been abusive and manipulative during their previous relationship.

Mikey6 posted a 413 word TwitLonger message saying he had an “on and off toxic relationship” with Bianca and that she would “constantly threaten and manipulate him”.

The Fortnite player shared some screenshots of conversations in which Bianca used homophobic and racist statements. He also shared a five-second clip where Bianca heard the n-word say multiple times.

Fortnite Twitch streamer Mikey shares a TwitLonger post about his relationship with fellow streamer Bianca

Mikey6 shared his experience on Twitter earlier today. His TwitLonger post started by saying that he doesn’t normally talk about his personal life on the internet. However, he was forced to share his experience with Bianca, who he says has “impaired his thinking mentally and emotionally”:

Usually I don’t post anything on social media that has to do with my personal life, but this person has interfered with my thinking mentally and emotionally and changed my mental health in a negative way, I recently got out of this situation and contacted the necessary authorities therefore I feel comfortable talking about it now.”

The streamer revealed that he had a “toxic relationship” with Bianca and that he only showed about “10%” of the things she did to him:

“So basically we were in an on and off toxic relationship that came from her actions and insecurities leading up to these events that I’m about to show and this is only about 10% of the things she did to me. I just go to show and summarize the most notable things. This person also lied about my name to almost everyone she spoke to if you heard anything from her about me, it most likely isn’t true.”

Before sharing the screenshots of the conversation, the streamer stated that Bianca would “constantly manipulate and threaten” him and his family:

“She would constantly manipulate and threaten me and my family, including my mother’s daycare, who has innocent children and babies (screenshots below). She would also constantly use racist and homophobic statements.”

Fortnite streamer Mikey6 shares screenshots of conversations 1/2 (Image via TwitLonger)Fortnite streamer Mikey6 shares screenshots from conversations 2/2 (Image via TwitLonger)


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