Fortnite: How the Kamehameha . to avoid and counter

Fortnite is known for its collaborations and crossovers, from Star Wars to Among Us, the Marvel Universe to Mars Hemello, and Chapter 3 Season 3 is no exception to the rule with the latest addition of Dragon Ball Z. The addition of a new mythical weapon, causing a lot of frustration among players on the island, raising the big question: how do we counter the Kamehameha?

Introduced to the game on August 16, 2022, during the v21.40 update, the mythical Kamehameha is the strongest weapon currently in the game, dealing over 200 damage to players in a matter of seconds.

What are the most effective ways to avoid and counteract the Kamehameha? And where can we find one? Let’s take a look below!

How the Kamehameha . to avoid and counter

Credit: Epic

Since his arrival, the mythical Kamehameha has raised the question: ‘how do we counter the Kamehameha?’ This weapon uses brute force on players and can take down mass structures in seconds.

However, a few simple steps ensure that players can easily survive or avoid an attack, sending the player using the mythical Kamehameha right back to the lobby!

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The obvious method is to shoot the player who fires the Kamehameha. But as we all know, when the glowing light is on you and you hear the dreaded sound, it can be hard to tell where the player is, or where the attack is coming from. With such a short time frame to shoot the player, it can be difficult to do when you are in combat with other players. And if you’re building or building… the Kamehameha will break it down and drop all players on the floor.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z against the Kamehameha
Credit: Epic

A proven, simple yet highly effective measure to counter the Kamehameha is to use a Boogie Bomb, a method used by players in Season X as they try to avoid the wrath of the incredibly overwhelmed BRUTE Mechs! A boogie bomb can be thrown at the player to counter the Kamehameha, and because the boogie bomb covers a large radius, the accuracy of the throw isn’t too important, a huge bonus when the Kamehameha’s chaos is on players starts !

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The Kamehameha can also be used in conjunction with the Nimbus Cloud, and because of the Kamehameha’s range, the Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud give the player the advantage of being able to destroy other players and structures from above, making it much more difficult to counter. to go. the attack. In this case, if the target player also has a Nimbus cloud, he can use it to gain height to shoot the player with the Kamehameha, or use the Nimbus cloud as a quick escape method!

Of course, the other option to dodge and counter the Kamehameha is to sprint! Sprint far, far away!

Where to find a Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha

Nimbus Cloud Counter Kamehameha Fortnite
Credit: Epic

Nimbus Clouds and the Kamehameha are available to players from 2 sources.

The first of these are special vending machines scattered around the island. For 250 gold bars, players can buy a Nimbus Cloud or Kamehameha, or both for 500 gold bars. These slots contain a limited amount of 2 of each item, but are scattered around the map and generally available to players.

Another option is to wait for a capsule to land on the island. The capsule locations are clearly shown on the map once they land. These capsules often spawn during gameplay, and on location, players can open the capsule, causing it to disappear and drop a Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha at no cost to players.

Fortnite is available now on PC via Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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