Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has a haunted house

Ghosttober is here and Fortnite is getting creepier by the day. Popular for its established aptitude for Halloween and all things spooky, the game goes beyond the annual Fortnitemares and creepy cosmetic items. The island now has a haunted house and it beckons for loopers.

Fortnite update v22.10 brought a lot of changes. The almighty Chrome has spread to different parts of the map and many landmarks have taken to the skies. The update has also ushered in Halloween celebrations as Shifty Shaft has had a makeover and is now called Grim Gables.

Grim Gables is just next to the hot air balloon. This creepy new point of interest takes over Shifty Shafts for Fortnitemares.

The haunted house is located in Grim Gables and is the largest structure in the new POI. The new addition explains that Spooktober has begun and that Fortnite is gearing up for its annual spectacle. Introducing haunted POIs in the month of October has become somewhat of a tradition for Epic Games.

New Fortnite haunted house gives the game a creepy feel

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Grim Gables, located in the center of the map, is slightly offset to the north. Nestled between Logjam Junction and Sleepy Sound, the new POI is fairly accessible and is perpendicular to Loot Lake. However, there is no road that leads to Grim Gables. The best landmark to find it is the floating airship.

The POI is adjacent to the airship and the haunted house is in the center. Located on top of a hill, the haunted house is haunted and has an eerie look to it. Many windows are boarded up and the area is somewhat run down. Everything on the site evokes a sense of unearthly mystery.

Grim Gables is perpendicular to Loot Lake.  (Image via

This is the season of screams, bad dreams and all things monstrous. Fortnitemares returns on October 18.

Given the popularity and theme of Stranger Things, a suitable collaboration (around Halloween) could usher in a new era for the game. In addition, players also expect a crossover of Freddy Kruger and Ghostface.

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