Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Fishing Locations and How to Catch Them

A new season of Fortnite means a new fish collection. And whatever your reasons for reading this guide – whether you’re a completeist, someone hoping there will be a reward for catching them all later in the season, or just curious about the best fishing spots – we’ve got them all. the information currently available on this season’s fishing scene for you.

But before we get to the list of fish, a more basic briefing. You can catch fish for the collection in three game modes: Battle Royale (build and not build), Team Rumble and Party Royale. The storm moves way too fast in Team Rumble these days to be a great place to catch fish in peace in that mode, so it’s best not to bother with it if you’re just trying to fish. And some fish will have to be caught in Battle Royale, although some of the best spots are on the edges of the map, so they’re often not that dangerous.

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Fishing in Party Royale

For the easiest time to catch these fish, head to Party Royale, a small social center island where people can’t kill you. In that mode you should be able to catch fish listed as available everywherein Coastal areas or in desert areas. And that’s almost all the fish – all but four of the 23 fish currently in the collection. Any fish in the inland rivers or fishpond northeast of the central city is a desert fish, and the coast is, of course, a coastal area. And, even better, the fishing holes in this mode regenerate over time, so it’s not possible to use them all up while you’re there.

To fish in Party Royale you need a rod from a free vending machine, but these are only available in gray quality. The only way to get a Pro rod in Party Royale is to catch one while fishing, like when you catch a gun instead of a fish in Battle Royale. That means it’s much harder to get a Pro rod in Party Royale than it is in BR because BR mode allows you to simply upgrade a regular rod at an upgrade station for gold instead of relying on a random drop .

Perhaps the best reason to fish in Party Royale? Some fish can only be caught at night and Party Royale has its own day/night cycle. So you largely don’t have to hope your Battle Royale loads at the right time of day. For the most part.

That said, my experience is that the fish that need a Pro rod show up much more often in Battle Royale than in Party Royale. But with RNG added, my anecdotal evidence on that front may not mean much.

Where to fish in Battle Royale

On the Battle Royale map, the Coastal areas are equally easy to figure out – those are the waters off the island, or in the bay on the west side of the map. The desert area is also easily identified on the south side of the map. The other three regions are more ambiguous.

fish from swampy areas can be found in Loot Lake, in the center of the map just north of Tilted Towers. fish from forest areas can be found in the eastern regions of the map: the river east of Coney Crossroads, and one of the small ponds between the Herald’s Sanctum and Tilted Towers.

And mountainous areas are the snowy parts of the map in the northwest. There is one particular fishing spot that is best for this area: a small island off the west coast that is always surrounded by fishing holes. It’s arguably the best place to catch fish in Fortnite right now, period. Here it is on the map.

The best fishing spot in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

On the Battle Royale map, the biomes are not mutually exclusive from the coast – the ocean south of Chonker’s Speedway, for example, will contain both coastal and desert fish.

As mentioned above, there are some fish that require a Pro Fishing Rod, which is easy to get in Battle Royale. If you can’t find one…or a harpoon gun, which also counts as a Pro Rod— all you need is a regular gray bar, available from any of those barrels next to a body of water, and you can upgrade it at an upgrade station at any gas station for 250 gold. Comfortable.

Almost all fish will need to be caught in a fishing hole – those spots in a body of water where you can see fish jumping and hopping around close together. The exceptions are: small frieswhich can even be fished without a fishing hole, although you’ll also catch a lot of rusty cans and small amounts of ammunition if you try.

One last practical tip before we get into the collection itself: if you’re playing alone and you run into someone else at your fishing spot, try to play nice. So many great Fortnite memories come from those moments when you meet an opponent and do not fight them. And if you’re trying to catch an elusive White Slurpfish, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a de facto teammate for protection.

Where and How to Find Every Fish in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Now that you’ve got all those general tips, it’s time to get really started. Here’s every fish in the Season 4 collection, listed by number on the collection page, along with how and where to find them.

1-3. Orange Flopper, Green Flopper and Blue Flopper: These are the fish you encounter most often. All three types of Floppers are available from: every fishing holewith a good quality rod, in Battle Royale mode or Party Royale.

4. Black and Blue Shieldfish: Like the Floppers, this variety of shield fish is available anywhere you find a fishing hole. Includes Party Royale.

5. Black Striped Shieldfish: This can be found in Coastal areasand you can also catch it in Party Royale.

6. Green Shieldfish: Available from fishing holes in forest areas. Party Royale is no option for this.

7. pink shieldfish: Available from desert areas in the southern part of the Battle Royale map, or in the Rivers of Party Royale. But this one also requires a Pro Rod.

8. Light blue shieldfish: Can be found in any fishing hole on the Battle Royale map or Party Royale.

9. Blue Slurpfish: Available at any fishing hole on the Battle Royale map or in Party Royale.

10. Yellow Slurpfish: Can be caught in desert areas on the Battle Royale map or in the backwaters in Party Royale.

11. Purple Slurp Fish: Found in mountainous areas of the Battle Royale map. Not available in Party Royale.

12. Black Slurpfish: Available in coastal areas at night. Includes Party Royale.

13. White Slurpfish: The hardest fish to find this season. Only found in mountainous areas, at night and with a Pro Fishing Rod. And since it’s a mountainous fish, you won’t find it in Party Royale.

14-16. Light blue small box, brown small box and purple top small box: You can catch these fish anywhere, in Party Royale or Battle Royale, and you don’t even need a fishing hole.

17. Black small bowl: The only difference between this and the previous Small Fries is that it is only available at night. Party Royale okay.

18. Blue Small Fry: Available from Coastal areas, also in Party Royale.

19. Slurp Jellyfish: Catchable from any fishing hole in Battle Royale or Party Royale.

20. Peely Jellyfish: Found in desert areasincludes Party Royale, but you have a Pro Rod to catch it.

21. purple jellyfish: Found in coastal areas. Party Royale included.

22. Dark Vanguard Jellyfish: Available only at nightfrom any fishing hole in Battle Royale or Party Royale.

23. Hug Jellyfish: You have to go to the swamp area from the Battle Royale map for this one – that’s Loot Lake in the center of the island, just north of Tilted Towers.

And that’s it. With this guide, you should be able to tackle the new Fortnite season’s fishing checklist quite efficiently. But what about everything else there is to do this season? Well, we’ve got you covered for pretty much everything in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, from all the sick new weapons, to the awesome new chrome mechanics, to our rundown of the current roster of NPCs on the map, and even more. So go for it!

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