Features of Pokémon Yellow that Scarlet & Violet should totally steal

Pokémon Yellow was the first game in the series to experiment with the status quo, and Scarlet and Violet could benefit from stealing some of his ideas. although Yellow was not a radically different game than red and blue before that, it still had enough differences to make its own experience. Among these changes were a few that could have an impact on pokemonthe next generation of games.

Pokémon Yellow came out after the success of red and blueand it took the player through the Kanto region again. Yellow However, quite a bit has changed in the game. The player’s starter was always Pikachu, while the rival always had Eevee. In addition, several trainers had their teams change to better reflect the anime, and Jessie and James took the place of several Team Rocket Battles. There may have been a lot of anime characters in it Pokémon Yellowbut the game had a few other quirks that could potentially make for good changes in the future pokemon games, like Scarlet and Violet.


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Many new features are already planned Scarlet and Violet, such as the more free fitness system and the Terastal mechanic. However, Yellow has some great ideas that surprisingly haven’t been used much since the game itself came out. Scarlet and Violet could benefit from bringing in some of these ideas for Generation 9.

Pokémon Yellow Have the player’s protagonist follow them

One of the YellowThe most beautiful mechanics were also the simplest. As the game took a lot of inspiration from the anime in terms of design and encounters, it also recreated one of its most ever-present elements. Just as Pikachu always dutifully followed Ash, Yellow‘s Pikachu refuses to enter his Poké Ball, instead following the player unless it passes out or is sent to the PC.

From the moment the player ingests Pikachu Pokémon Yellow, it will follow them all over the upper world. This was also the first implementation of a friendship system, as the player could talk to Pikachu to see how they felt. Pikachu would be aloof at first, similar to how Pikachu hated Ash in the first episode. He would also be tired if he was low on HP, sick if he was poisoned and other similar moments. Over time, Pikachu would warm up to the player and become more expressive, just like in the anime.

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pokemon has actually experimented with using this mechanic in previous games. Diamond and Pearl‘s Amity Square allows the player to walk with certain Pokémon to find items and build friendships, and HeartGold and SoulSilver have the player’s leading Pokémon follow them everywhere. It’s a simple mechanism that many players love, so few would probably complain if Scarlet and Violet have the player’s Pokémon follow them again.

Pokémon Yellow’s rival team wasn’t set in stone

A quirk of Pokémon Yellow is rather well hidden, to the point that many players may not be aware of it. However, it is worth noting that unlike other games, the rivalry party was different depending on the player’s actions. This probably caught many by surprise the first time they realized, but it may be a good idea for Scarlet and Violet. You could say that the player always influences the side of the rival. After all, they will always pick the starter Pokemon that is strong against the player’s, and there’s the recurring rumor that the rival’s Raticate is in red and blue. However, Yellow added a twist to the formula. Since Eevee had three possible evolutions in Gen 1, the game determined which one the rival would get depending on the player’s performance in rival battles. If the player loses the first battle in the lab, the rival gets a Vaporeon. If they lost or skipped the second battle, the rival got a Flareon. If the player won both of the first two rival battles, the rival would have a Jolteon.

This idea can be used to Scarlet and Violet‘s rival battles more interesting. It could work the same way as Yellows, where the player’s record against Nemona can affect which Pokémon catches them. Her team can also be influenced by other sources, such as the order in which the player tackles the gyms or plot points. Scarlet and VioletThe very different game design gives the player many options that could potentially play a role in such a decision. Either way, it could be a way to make the game more unpredictable and even increase the replay value if the rival player’s team can vary throughout the playthrough.

Pokémon Yellow gave players every starter and Scarlet/Violet too

One of the most famous details about Pokémon Yellow is the fact that the player is guaranteed to get a Pikachu as a starter Pokemon. Fans of the red and blue however, starters have no reason to be disappointed. Unlike almost all others pokemon game, the player can collect all the starting Pokemon of Kanto in Yellow.

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The player can get Pikachu as their only option at the start of the game, but they get the chance to collect the other three starters along the way. See how cute Scarlet and VioletBeing the starters, players of the new game would probably appreciate the same opportunity. The player inside Yellow don’t even have to rely on searching through tall grass for the starters as each of them will be available as gifts in the first half of the game. Even years later, the ability to catch starters, even those from other regions, is extremely rare in pokemon spell. While this helps the starters to feel rarer and more special, many players would appreciate a chance to catch additional starter Pokemon, or even starters from previous generations.

Of course, a player’s starter Pokemon is a special choice, so there must be some requirement to catch another starter. One way would be that they are gifts as in Yellow, possibly after completing a message or side mission. Even the pokemon The world’s worst starters have their fans, and since starters have been exclusive picks for so long, it might not be a bad thing to break traditions and let players catch several.

Scarlet and Violet have a lot to do with so much hype surrounding their release. While the new mechanics for the games have gotten a lot of attention, it might as well be for them to take a few elements from the beginning of the series. Pokémon Yellow perhaps the perfect source of inspiration for Scarlet and Violet when it comes to bringing back old ideas.

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