Fall Boys Need to Add Fortnite Skin Styles and Gifts

Autumn boys has successfully transitioned to free-to-play, and for the most part, fans have responded well to this change. Where there were some problems in the beginning, with: Autumn boys‘ first free-to-play battle pass is controversial and Mediatonic has quickly found its niche in the new live service model. Regular events keep the game fresh and give players something to aspire to, while the in-game store is regularly refreshed with exciting cosmetics.


although Autumn boys has made a solid start in the free-to-play games space, it can still take some notes from some of the other juggernauts that can be played without spending any money. Mainly, Fortnite is an excellent example for Autumn boys follow. With Epic Games owning both IPs, Autumn boys should have no problem implementing two of the most useful features of Fortnite.

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Selectable fall bean styles would be welcome

When players buy one Autumn boys skin, they usually get only one outfit that consists of a top and bottom piece. While these costumes are a fun way to decorate a player’s character, FortniteThe skins are usually a lot better as they offer a few different styles for players to switch between. For example, the skin for the Marvel superhero Daredevil has two different forms, with one variant in the Fortnite art style and another that is cel shaded – looks like it jumped straight from a page out of a comic book. Other style options include Spider-Man’s removable mask, two very different versions of Venom, and so on.

Autumn boys has seemingly recognized the appeal of this approach, as a bundle released earlier this month offered three different colors of Imp skins for the price of one. This would be a great trend to continue as alternative color schemes and designs for every skin would be a pro-consumer move that makes any cosmetic more valuable. For example, the Ezio skin in Fortnite‘s most recent battle pass could have been an alternate style with black robes, a tribute to Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

Autumn boys could take this a step further by giving players in-game challenges to unlock the second style. This would be a great way to keep the attention of players who have already completed a battle pass and see little reason to keep working on daily challenges as they can continue to unlock the variants of skins they already have. Using the aforementioned Ezio skin as an example, Autumn boys players may need to win 5 matches with Ezio to be Revelations clothing, giving them a long-term purpose and a reason to regularly switch between their collection of skins.

Skin Gifting is a Fortnite feature that goes well with fall boys

Fortnite and other free to play games like Call of Duty: Warzone encourage skin gifts, and it’s something that Autumn boys should strive to do so. Since the game supports Epic Games accounts, perhaps the publisher could use the same system to let players buy bundles and items for their friends. Whether just used as a nice surprise or as a way to help a loved one get skin they can’t afford, gift giving would be a great addition to the quality of life. If Mediatonic wanted to go a little further, it could even give players Kudos, Show Bucks, and battle passes.

in the end, Autumn boys will continue to thrive on multiple platforms whether or not these features are added. Still, even small additions can improve a game and take steps to replicate Fortnite‘s success would make perfect sense. Though there is only so much to draw from Fortnite and integrated into a game like Autumn boys, Mediatonic should strive to add everything it can. Fortunately, a gift system and alternate skin styles are viable options, and both can encourage players to do more with the game’s microtransactions.

Autumn boys is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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