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The pokemon trading card game has collaborated with a Legend of Zelda artist to create custom Pokémon cards exclusively for his online exhibit. In August, The Pokémon Company launched the TCM Online illustration exhibition to celebrate the twenty-five year history of the Nintendo table game. While the digital museum tour mainly consists of official works of art from the pokemon card game, the event also launched a series of exclusive artworks never seen before. To close the last month’s exhibits, fans can now see the entire collection of cards signed by Zelda artist Takumi Wada.


The Pokemon TCG originally launched in Japan in 1996, before making its worldwide debut three years later with the iconic Base Set in North America. Decades later, the popular tabletop game now has a total of eight generations pokemon card extensions. To showcase the game’s long history, the Pokémon Company teamed up with Anique Inc. to take a digital museum tour with selected illustrations from the past twenty-five years of the TCM.

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During the virtual tour, players will be able to see high-definition scans of classic Pokémon maps, as well as collectibles from recent releases such as Pokemon Astral Radiance‘s Trainer Gallery set from 2022. Although the exhibition is centered on TCM artists who have drawn for the card game over the past two decades, the museum has also collaborated with legendary Zelda illustrator Takumi Wada to create a series of exclusive cards to promote the celebration. Below is the full list of the Pokemon TCG: Exclusive artworks from the online illustration exhibition.

Pokémon TCG Online Exhibition Zacian Card

When the Pokemon TCG Online Exhibit was first launched at the beginning of the summer, the Pokémon Company revealed that they would be releasing a series of exclusive Takumi Wada cards in waves. The first custom artwork arrived at the exhibit’s opening in August and featured Gen 8 Legendary Zacian. The stunning card concept featured a Gen 8 Fairy-type illustration standing on top of a hill in the Galar region while holding his signature sword in his mouth.

The Pokémon Sword and Shield Legendary Zacian Map was created using the full art design format, which first made its debut in the Black and white TCM series launched in 2011. Wada’s take on Zacian captures the Gen 8 Legendaries storyline from the 2019 RPGs. In Sword and shieldthe legendary mascot from the box watches over Galar with his rusty sword that he used in the past to protect the region during the disaster on the Darkest Day.

Gardevoir Pokémon TCG Online Exhibition

The second Pokemon TCG Exclusive artwork in the Nintendo artist’s Online Exhibit was unveiled on September 7 and featured Takumi Wada’s take on Gen 3 favorite Gardeovir. The Pokémon card model shows the Fairy type standing on a lake, while a ripple in the water reflects the beautiful pink sunset in the background. The map was themed to the “Life” category of the exhibit, featuring map illustrations of Pokémon interacting with and living with nature.

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Gardevoir originally made his TCM debut in the 2003 EX expansion, based on the Gen 3 Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Hoenn region RPGs on the Game Boy Advance. The card mockup is an interpretation of Ruby and Sapphire‘s infamous water-themed region. The TCM The pastel design of the Gardevoir artwork online exhibition also reflects Wada’s influences from his previous work on games such as the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wildboth of which used similar color schemes.

Pokémon TCG Online Exhibition Dragonite

The last exclusive artwork in the Pokémon TCG Online Exhibition made its debut on September 22, starring the popular Kanto Pokémon Dragonite. The full art card shows the sparkling orange Dragon soaring through a clear blue sky. In a recall to the classic 1999 Wizards of the Coast promo card, the Dragon type can be seen flying against a swirl of white clouds hovering over the land below. Although a Gen 1 Dragonite favorite was surprisingly not included in the original base set TCM extension, which was based on the classic Pokémon Red and Blue RPGs. The beloved dragon would eventually first appear as a Pokémon card in the second of the Nintendo table game Fossil expansion in 1999.

Takumi Wada would choose Dragonite as his last Pokémon to illustrate for the Pokemon TCG Online exhibition. Although the exclusive TCM displaying artwork is a hit with fans, The Pokémon Company has confirmed that the full art cards are just mockups intended to promote the event. For now, there are no plans to convert the custom artwork into official Pokémon cards. While Takumi Wada has been an artist for the Legend of Zelda franchise, this is the first time the Nintendo creator has designed a Pokémon card. The collaboration was used to increase the influence of the Pokemon TCG has had on other artists.

In an official statement released by the Zelda artist, Wada explained that while he was “nervous” drawing popular Game Freak characters, he Pokemon TCGthe 25th anniversary. The Japanese maker also added: “If my illustrations help others become more familiar with Pokémon, I’ll be happy.” De Pokémon TCG Online Exhibition runs until October 23, so fans wanting to watch the digital tour should check out the virtual . visits pokemon trading card game museum while it is still alive.

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