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While I reviewed that last week FUUTO PI symbolically circled back to the beginning before the end here, I couldn’t really predict how complete a loop that would become. It’s now clear that the show is meant to be an effective prologue to itself, with the conflict with Bando’s group of Memory users just beginning and the pasts of both Tokime and the Kamen Riders finally explicitly opening up to each other. It’s a fair pitch for a project like this, which effectively ends by acknowledging the countless other media outlets involved in its genesis, and it even finds a decent tipping point for its own story. Sure, someone who started with the FUUTO PI anime definitely doesn’t get the full picture, and they know it, but the explosive good time we all had along the way was fun enough, wasn’t it?

Obviously, most of the immediate entertainment value will come from tying up Reactor’s mysteries and taking him down. There’s definitely a duplicity in how we get there, as everyone from Rentaro to Reactor to Philip takes turns explaining things like the purpose of the valve or how the villain could be tracked down. It’s a central principle of mystery telling, of course, showing how to “solve” one of the dangling threads, but so much of this information is really just extrapolation from things we’d largely discovered by now. The more pertinent points are how they relate to the characters, like anything about the construction of Reactor’s cooling center that speaks of his personal pride and ambition to help Bando, or Philip showing just how far his empathetic elements are just in the loop. from this series. The latter makes for a neat arc to recognize when we think about the show in general, even somewhat apologetic for that superficial conflict with Shotaro that I was so not fond of at the beginning of the anime. Look, it was thematic all the time!

However, the character I’m most keen on here is, of course, Tokime. She continues to make an incredibly strong impression at the start of this episode, and finally feels like she’s stepped into a full starring role here at the climax. The revelations of Rentaro’s own dark past regrets provide an effective means to reflect on her own fears about her associations with the Shadow Fuuto crew. It’s cute to see Tokime getting really excited about her efforts to protect the private detective, and thematically it ties in pretty well to hear her say, “We can’t let our past be beaten!” when the calling of the past is such a central starting point FUUTO PI, Kamen Rider Wand indeed, Kamen Rider like a franchise general. That resolution, and how it’s rewarded with Shotaro and Philip’s trust in her, makes for a more satisfying functional finish than any amount of explanatory info dumps.

That also means it’s more than a little disappointing that Tokime’s contribution to the actual ‘fight’ portion of the final battle couldn’t be more direct. It’s understandable how the story has structured so far: Her GaiaMemory is still not functional and we find out at the end of this episode that it might not really have been “hers”. With that, they’re building something else, and I can respect the approach. But to simply have Tokime held hostage by Reactor at the very end, as only one last complication of the fight is an overly superficial use of her character and how far she’s come. She to attempt to do something deeper with it, make the moment about the mutual trust she and the two-in-one detective have in each other, but it still comes off as too easy a task. Couldn’t they have her perform another attack with her Stag Phone, or even combine that with one of W’s weapons for a new finisher, rather than just recreate the ultimate move from the original show? I’m just saying, there were options here, and I don’t know if they picked the best one.

The rest of the fight is a fittingly epic conclusion for FUUTO PI, Do not get me wrong. Speaking of going back to the beginning, they even bring back Accel’s Gunner A from the old show, an accessory that even a certified Kamen Rider W obsessive like me, kinda forgot after all this time. Perhaps Reactor himself doesn’t feel directly relevant as a final boss in the context of this series, but he puts on a great show resulting in a literally explosive finale that certainly lights things up in a way that is only an anime adaptation. of a tokusatsu series. I may think it’s not the best last-minute writing choice to save Tokime at the last minute, but I’m also not going to argue that the sunset-back shots of W’s Prism kicking Xtreme while wearing her don’t look like much cool.

If references to W’s final battle with Utopia at the end of the original series or the return of one of Accel’s old toys isn’t formative enough franchise fan service for you then FUUTO PI has you covered even further in the notes on which it decides to end. And in this case, I can see what they’re doing, but I wonder how messed up the performance might seem to other viewers. The scattered references to a few leftover plot threads from the old show (including the elusive Foundation X in what is sure to be an absolute “Holy Shit” moment for longtime fans) act as general plot hooks. And Tokime, a surrogate for new audiences as she has always been, offers an interesting springboard at the end by asking for the full rundown of W’s story, starting with “Begins Night,” the flashback that opened up both FUUTO PI and Kamen Rider W. Just as all of the other dangling plot threads for this season are meant to get viewers looking for the manga to continue the story, Shotaro invites Tokime to tell her about his past and Philip’s past, a unique invitation. to the anime-only viewers, basically telling them, “While you’re waiting to see if we’re getting more episodes of this anime, here’s a point where you can go back and watch the original tokusatsu show for all the making of the context”. As a meta-narrative device, it’s honestly pretty smart.

There is then a deep final irony, om FUUTO PI so still the only piece of the Kamen Rider W puzzle officially available in the west. I expected half way through this anime ending to be interrupted by a surprise announcement that the original show would be uploaded for streaming to crunchy rolls, but unfortunately, they couldn’t be on the ball. And even with the crowd-pleasing gimmick, it still leaves the series ending at a tonally odd, awkward pace for all of this. It’s not really enough to spoil my overall experience with? FUUTO PI; this was a delightful novelty of a project to follow, and you know I hope we get more of it someday (or at least a domestic release of the manga). It’s just that this weird little ending just drives home how much this thing is just a small part of a bigger picture reinforcing how it was perfectly fun to follow on its own but never really was standing in this way. As rider shows are so often advertisements for toys and such, FUUTO PIThe most obvious flaw was that I felt like an advertisement for yourself on many occasions, especially at the very end here.


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