Episode 11 – The Girl I Recently Hired Is Mysterious

Well, that finale just came over us, didn’t it? Not only does The girl I recently hired is mysterious it just ends with very little build-up, but at the same time it answers a bunch of questions while also getting back to some of the things I feel like it insinuated before. While I like some of the points where the show ends, it also best sums up the overall confusion the series has left me. Mysterious girl can be incredibly heartwarming and impactful as it explores themes of found family and coping with loneliness, uncomfortable to watch when it gestures toward a romance between our two leads, and downright frustrating that it kind of spits in the face of its own premise.

In fact, let’s start with that last point, because this episode kind of randomly and unceremoniously answers one of the biggest questions I and a lot of other people had while watching this show. The relationship between Lilith and Yuuri from when they were younger was already teased in the first episode. We knew there was a reason for Lilith’s arrival that she hides behind this facade of mystery that made everyone, including Yuuri, all the more curious about her. She was very protective of that information and where she worked before, and the past 10 episodes have continuously confirmed that there is a deeper reason for all this secrecy. After all, if for some simple and mundane reason Lilith decided to work under Yuuri, and if her former master had no problem changing jobs, wouldn’t she go to great lengths to make her past feel “mysterious” seem really redundant and downright frustrating?

*sigh* So it turns out that the reason Lilith knows Yuuri and his family is because she also lost her parents at a young age and was bounced around a number of different families before Yuuri’s family took care of her for a short while. I really have no idea why this was a mystery. I also have no idea why she still can’t tell Yuuri all this the same way she explains it to her former master at the beginning of this episode. The episode literally ends with Lilith hoping that Yuuri will still like her even if he learns more about her and all the while I’m sitting here yelling at my monitor “WHY DON’T YOU TALK TO HIM?”. Maybe there’s another hidden detail about her past that she doesn’t want to expose? I thought maybe her former master knew something about her which is why she was so adamant about being secretive about it but no not only was her former master totally cool and understanding with why she was there but he is super courteous to yuri when he meets him. I feel like this episode hurts me because I’m totally invested in the story.

And then the show makes the very strange decision to end up with this ambiguity regarding the will they/they won’t between Yuuri and Lilith. Even though they go out on a date – not to mention that everything we’ve seen about their relationship strongly suggests that their love for each other is much more romantic than familial – the writer decided on the idea at the last minute. to introduce that that might not be the kind of love they both feel. I could have believed this had it been introduced earlier, but not quite at the end after these two have already said everything they have. It just feels like really weird timing and I’m not quite sure what the point is.

And it’s doubly frustrating because I think that would have made the show more interesting if it had been kept vague and ambiguous until the very end. I was already of the opinion that Yuuri is far too young to even understand or discern those kinds of love, especially since he is at a very sensitive point in his life where he will arguably just cling to someone to fill that void of loneliness. to fill. There could have been a very interesting conversation about exactly what role Lilith plays in his life, be it as a lover, big sister or foster mother. In fact, I think I would find their romance Lake credible if there was a little more research or reflection on where those feelings come from.

The girl I recently hired is mysterious had a lot of good, well written moments that showed a lot of promise. It had captivating characters and it showed that it can be dark and sincere and even silly at different times without inducing whiplash. My main problem though is that even to the very end I’m not 100% sure what it wanted to do with these characters and themes as it feels like it’s trying to scream multiple things at once even though the only way is that some posts can be clear are made by ignoring some of the others. Even if there was a second season, I’m not sure how to fix some of the problems created in this first season because the foundation is so shaky and uneven. I’m not angry and I’m not disappointed – I’m just very confused.


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