Episode 11 – Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World

If you like this episode of Harem Labyrinth but let me save you some time: here’s Sherry’s character page on the official Harem Labyrinth site. You’re looking at that PNG as you read this sentence: In this episode, Michio goes to Alan’s store and buys Sherry to add to his party. There you just got the total of this episode’s experience. There isn’t even any censored sexy content for you to look up uncut screenshots of. Don’t mention it.

But for a longer, professionally required review of everything that “happens” in this episode, well, we’re finally here, everyone. It lasted eleven whole episodes, but by the end of this one, Harem in the labyrinth of another world finally has a harem in this labyrinth in another world. It’s strict in a technical sense at the moment, as dwarf girl Sherry just takes Michio and Roxanne’s established relationship to a murky state, and Roxanne clarifies in this episode that she doesn’t even really consider herself a “wife” of Michio’s point at this point anyway. . But as exhausted as I am from the plodding journey here, I’m going for it. Harem Labyrinth may be guilty of many crimes, but at least false advertising is no longer one of them.

Sherry is technically the main attraction in this episode which basically goes the same way every time Harem Labyrinth different. And frankly, her presence and treatment in that context only serve to emphasize the consequent banality of that presentation. Michio has been musing for weeks now that he should see about getting another party member, only to finally build the courage for it in this episode in a tone that looks like nothing, like someone folding all that laundry that has piled a chair nearby. I don’t know if a show trying to sell itself on the appeal of the sex slave fantasy is convincing when getting a sex slave is presented as something you undertake with a resigned “Ugh, fineBut maybe I’m just not familiar enough with that particular subculture. slave property is apparently all about not wanting to do your own work after all.

That said, the setup for Sherry’s induction contains a few details that only serve to raise further questions about how the story handles the institution of slavery, how the author thinks it should work, and how it actually functions in this world. I could buy (for now, for my own sanity) that the series necessarily covered up the creepier details of how Roxanne actually ended up in the slave trade because of his weirder insistence on an otherwise simple, lifelike tone. But then this episode comes in, springboard on Michio’s decision to fish because he just bought his own dwarf blacksmith to avoid getting ripped off by one of those independently working, and it becomes clear that maybe this show just doesn’t know what words mean. . A whole story is put forward for logistical reasons dwarves, seemingly at their own behest, “don’t often become slaves as blacksmiths”, and I get away with So many more questions than I had eleven weeks ago.

Between this mention and an earlier explanation by Roxanne where she now seems to treat the whole arrangement more like a knight or devoted servant who has sworn respectfully allegiance to her master, one gets the impression that the author behind Harem Labyrinth either they just don’t really understand what slavery really “is” or they just understand it and just ignore it in favor of their own softly constructed framework to use the nominal fetish elements without the structure, sociological underpinnings or personal aspects that would otherwise arise naturally. It does help further clarify that, although I absolutely love Harem Labyrinth is stupid, I could never register the criticism that I am ‘offended’ by using slavery as a motivator. You’ve seen the superficial signifiers like the collars and these women standing on a shop window floor like you’re windowing for a new motorcycle to ride, but otherwise they don’t seem to really care about the mechanics, exploitation or otherwise, apart from from getting these girls into Michio’s household with as little real personal interaction as possible.

So where does all this leave Sherry? She was ushered into the cast with so few questions about how she actually ended up in this situation if Roxanne could afford it. Instead, most of the discussion about her goes back to those mechanical elements, with in this case Michio and co. actually do not knows how so much of the game coded mechanics affect her and her skills. Of course, there isn’t much dramatic momentum to this matter, even if it informs Sherry’s uniqueness that she is not confident in her ability to achieve the blacksmith’s job; Rather, it’s clearly just a detail introduced to make it easier to add her to the party under these circumstances, so we can fill the time in the following episodes, with Michio still min-max-maxing her in that job. It’s like that whole labyrinth queuing/fee system, in that it really only exists to see the main character walking around, because otherwise there would be nothing to see, other than him connecting with his harem, and who’s doing this show? looking for That?

That’s the blatant yet fully anticipated product of the introduction of an all-new character that confirms the very titular concept of this entire story: save for a few squeaky line readings from Sherry interspersed with Michio’s trades, this episode is the same set of characters hanging out in kitchens and meeting rooms discuss party logistics or negotiate slave prices like an uninterested used car deal. We spend more time watching Michio’s party walk out of Alan’s shop, say goodbye, and activate their status menus than we get any insight into Sherry’s personality, charms, or why you, the participating viewer, would want to make her your waifu. And in an anime where getting that kind of reaction is really the only goal, if it can’t even do that, what’s the point?


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