Enola Holmes 2 image confirms it answers the biggest mystery

Enola Holmes returns with a new adventure in Enola Holmes 2, and one of the official images released by Netflix confirms that the film will answer its biggest mystery. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular literary characters in history and as such has been adapted to all types of media for over a century. Not all of these adaptations have been loyal to Conan Doyle’s work, however, and many artists have given the Great Detective and company a spin, as is the case with Nancy Springer and her book series. The Mysteries of Enola Holmes.


Springer introduced readers to Enola Holmes, the 14-year-old sister of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. By the time the public meets Enola, Sherlock is already the famous detective he is known for, but given the 20-year difference between him and Enola, along with various arguments and disagreements with their mother, Eudoria, Sherlock (and Mycroft ) seen his sister in years. Enola then grew up with her mother, but on her 14th birthday (16th in the film), Eudoria disappeared, prompting Enola to bring out her own detective skills to find her. In addition to this premise, the film Enola Holmes saw the youngest Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) solve the mysterious disappearance of Lord Tewkesbury (Louis Patridge) and run away from home while Mycroft (Sam Claflin) wanted to send her to a school for young ladies.

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In addition, Enola Holmes had a subplot with Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter), who turned out to be part of a secret society that wanted to make big changes, although not exactly by the best methods. Although Eudoria and Enola were briefly reunited at the end of the film, it didn’t answer the biggest questions about her actions and disappearance, but an official picture of her. Enola Holmes 2 shows mother and daughter back together, pointing to the sequel solving some, if not all, of the mysteries surrounding Eudoria Holmes.

How does Enola Holmes 2 answer his Eudoria mysteries?

Enola Holmes 2 will see the title young detective who follows the steps of Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and opens her own agency, but she soon discovers that life as a female detective isn’t easy. It all changes for her when a young girl who works at a match factory hires her to find her missing sister. This new case takes her to London’s most sinister factories, the highest echelons of society, and 221B Baker Street itself, and she’ll need the help of her friends, including Sherlock herself, to solve the case. Netflix has already released some official images of Enola Holmes 2, including one with Enola and Eudoria in what appears to be a carriage carrying some gear. Now the questions around Eudoria can’t be answered by the books because the movie has made major changes to it, like in the source material, Eudoria leaves with the Romani to live a free life and never sees her daughter again, so Enola Holmes 2 will have to get creative.

The image suggests that at some point Eudoria will team up with her daughter, either to help her solve the young girl’s case or to ask her daughter for help, although it could also be the other way around. Another image shows Enola dressed in a pretty dress and handcuffed, so it’s possible Eudoria will help her daughter break free and they will escape together, and this bonding experience could help her open up to her daughter. Just by having Bonham Carter back, Enola Holmes 2 can solve the mysteries of her militant suffragette group, why they built bombs, and why she ran away without explanation, as well as whether she is a dangerous woman or if she can be an ally to her detective children.

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