Do Pokémon fans really want a detective Pikachu sequel?

Last week, a sequel Nintendo Switch game to the 2018 Detective Pikachu It was reported to be nearing completion after an alleged developer for the game suggested it would be released very soon. This sequel game may not be what fans of the world love pokemon want or need now.

The sequel to the Nintendo 3DS game was announced in 2019, but very little has been revealed about the sequel by Nintendo since then, and many fans assumed that development on the game had stopped. Of course, 2019 was the year when the movie based on the video game was released theatrically as a perhaps unexpected hit, becoming the second-highest-grossing video game film adaptation of all time. The game, in comparison, failed to break a million sales, while others pokemon spin-offs like New Pokemon Snap even Smallpox Tournament have all reached that milestone because it was hard to find an audience. His successor will likely encounter the same problems.

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While many fans thought the first game was cute and charming, it was criticized for its gameplay and lack of difficulty. Many felt that the game’s puzzles were far too easy for the average player and that the gameplay was simplistic and mediocre. Overall, this made for a game that was so challenging that it could be considered boring. It’s not an issue with the format of the game itself – where, just like in the movie, the player character, Tim, and accompanying detective Pikachu work together to solve various puzzles and unravel a mystery in Ryme City.

At first glance, the format is familiar to people who may have played other mystery-solving games, such as ace lawyer or danganronpawhich are even less complicated in gameplay, as they take the form of visual novels rather than Detective PikachuRyme City’s more interactive world. However, these games contain more complex mysteries to solve, keeping players engaged and interested as they are actually difficult and require a bit of thinking.

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With this in mind, Detective Pikachu‘s lack of interesting gameplay may have to do with the fact that, like other pokemon games and, unlike other detective games, is intended for a huge range of audiences. This means that within a pokemon game, the developers design the gameplay with a low barrier to entry so that different audiences can join and play. However, other pokemon games often have high skill limits, with older, more experienced gamers making the games harder on themselves. this is what Detective Pikachu is missing. There is no way to make the mysteries more difficult or the gameplay more interesting, which is why most players will find the game rather boring.

The sequel will encounter the same problems. pokemon is a family-friendly franchise that focuses on making games that appeal to young children just learning to read as well as adults, so there’s little chance the upcoming sequel will do anything to make the game too difficult for the younger generation audience.

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Not everything about the original game is so negative though – there is one area where it shone. With its dynamic voice acting, fun cutscenes, witty writing style, and interesting setting, the game’s real story was the highlight. With all its strengths in the story itself, it might make sense that while the game was largely a failure, the movie did so well. The world created in the 2019 Detective Pikachu movie was interesting, unique and captivating, and it was a great way to see the world of pokemon in a new light — as a place where humans and Pokémon can coexist in a more natural way than in the main-series battle-focused games.

While details about this new Detective Pikachu have yet to be released, it looks like fans of the franchise can expect it to play the same way as the first game. It will likely feature an interesting storyline, but simplistic gameplay, which could alienate a potentially older audience. Just as the first game was much more successful as a movie, it looks like a sequel would do much better than a sequel. Although Legendary Pictures announced a sequel in 2019, even before the first film came out, the lack of updates since then indicates that the film is being shelved indefinitely. With the announcement of Nintendo Pictures, the door may just be open for fans to see the Detective Pikachu continued that they really want.

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