‘Cut and Run’ – Boruto Anime Episode 236 Review

Kawaki, Boruto and Buntan team up in ‘Cut and Run’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 236)

boruto anime episode 236, titled ‘Cut and Run’, had the current cast divided into a number of groups to deal with different situations created by the Funato Clan. Also yes to Salad with Genjutsu!

With the Funato clan continuing to cause trouble in the Land of Water, I’m really curious to see how the climax will play out. Isari, Araumi and Tenma (who was introduced in this episode) look like formidable villains. Not only do all three seem strong, but as far as I can tell, they are also smart. The plan they devised to seize power in the Land of Water turned out to be quite effective.

Of course our young heroes will stop the Funato clan in the coming episodes, but until then I’m enjoying the stakes being raised. Fingers crossed that we get some well choreographed fight scenes when our young ninjas confront Araumi and his two sons.

‘Cut and Run’ jumped around a lot. After meeting Denki’s team, Salad and Mitsuki teamed up to rescue the hostages on Dotou Island. Denki, Iwabe, and Metal Lee headed to the docks to take over a Funato Clan’s transport ship to help the island’s hostages. While Boruto, Kawaki and Buntan infiltrated Tenma’s gigantic water fortress.

Now you’d think that a single episode trying to work through three storylines would have tempo issues. But in my opinion the writers have arranged everything well. Each storyline was given an appropriate amount of screen time.

Speaking of Salad and Mitsuki, I enjoyed seeing the two work together without Boruto. And the way Salad used Genjutsu to defeat the head of the pirate group on Dotou Island made me smile. I love it when Salad uses Genjutsu on her opponents. I want her to use more of it instead of always deciding to hit her enemies.

My only complaint about Salad and Mitsuki’s rescue mission would be that the two didn’t tie up their opponents after taking them out. These young ninjas were in a life or death situation. The least they could have done was to quickly tie up their defeated opponents if they weren’t willing to kill them. I think we can explain that as conspiracy convenience because the head of the pirate group later had to lead his small army to the transport ship? hmm.

When I got to the transport ship, I liked how excited (and a little concerned) Denki’s team was about running a potential S-rank mission for the first time. Denki really came through towards the end of the episode as he tried to ignore the ship’s controls. As time ran out, he changed his approach. And although he was injured, at least he was able to help the hostages.

However, I have a feeling that their victory will be short-lived. The transport ship is quite massive and other members of the Funato clan should catch up soon enough. Not to mention that the Funato clan also had a powerful scientific ninja weapon that could be used to blow up the ship from a distance.

Now that Denki sends the ship to the rendezvous point to meet Kagura, I think it will fall on Boruto, Kawaki and Buntan to do something about the weapon, in the fortress, before using it to damage the ship .

Boruto’s dynamic with Buntan was also handled well. Boruto clearly didn’t trust her, but he had no choice but to work with her, because that was what Kagura wanted. It made sense that Kawaki was the one to relate to Buntan’s personality. Like Kawaki, Buntan had also grown up in a world where weakness was not an option.

However, she tried to change herself. She also tried to do the right thing by helping Kagura in exchange for shortening her sentence (think: suicide squad). The least Boruto could do was give her some slack.

As for the introduction of Tenma in ‘Cut and Run’, I think he was an interesting villain. He assumed it would be pretty strong (show, don’t tell, boruto animation!). I also liked how the writers made it different from the kind of villains we usually get when there’s clan dynamics involved. Instead of Tenma being someone who wants to overthrow his father Araumi and sideline his brother Isari in order to conquer the Funato clan, he is loyal to them.

The danger is far from over for our heroes. I’m curious what will happen!

What did you think of ‘Cut and Run’?

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