Meet Stickymonger, whose anime-infused ‘Last Supper’ paintings are a sold-out hit at Untitled Art Miami Beach

If you arrived at the VIP opening of Untitled Art Miami Beach on an empty stomach, the work of Korean-American artist Stickymonger was nothing short of tempting. Behind a table laden with sugary soft drinks, cereals and pastries, there were five paintings of cartoonish women enjoying an array of delicious dishes. Collectively titled her “Last … Read more

10 Best Mecha Anime, Officially Ranked

Mecha is not the most popular genre of anime like shonen and seinen. The reason is simple; not everyone finds their heart in shows where giant fighting robots maneuver. That being said, mecha anime definitely adds to the list of some of the most famous anime shows of all time. And it’s not that the … Read more

10 Anime Heroes Everyone Is Looking For

There are some anime heroes that fans universally crave. Fans can’t help but respect their ambition and lofty goals, even if they’re not the most likeable on paper. Some anime characters have just gone through so many horrible things and endured so much trauma that fans have no choice but to root for them. RELATED: … Read more

10 Shonen Anime Who Killed Their Best Characters

One of the reasons that anime remains such a versatile and popular storytelling medium is that there are so many different genres, such as shonen, to explore. Shonen anime are series aimed at a younger male demographic, usually with an emphasis on action and combat. Accordingly, shonen series are full of conflicts and grandiose clashes … Read more

10 most avant-garde anime from the 2010s

With dozens of anime being released every year, different series are starting to overlap. There are clear blueprints that could create a viral series, making some works look alike. As an anime viewer, it’s getting harder and harder to find a series that feels new. RELATED: 10 Anime Series With The Best Fan Reactions The … Read more