What are the best manga you’ve ever read?

Asking something like “What’s the best manga you’ve ever read?” is such a big question. And yet, rudely, I ask anyway. Ruby asked everyone’s favorite anime not too long ago, and it was awesome! We learned a lot! However, I’ve been trying to turn back the time I’ve been staring at a screen lately. Picking … Read more

Hottest Anime Villains, Ranked | The Mary Sue

Back for more, are you? I thought you had enough with this list, but boy was I wrong. Note to self: never underestimate the depths of your perversity. So you want to go rogue now? Okay fine. I can handle that. Look, unlike the protagonists of most anime, many of the villains are already of … Read more

Netflix’s One Piece Showrunner Remembers Hilarious Pitch For Series

Matt Owens, the Netflix showrunner A piece adaptation, recalls his brutally honest yet funny pitch for the series. Netflix is ​​throwing everything they’ve got into the new live-action iteration of the long-running Shonen Jump manga series. A piece revolves around a group of pirates led by the wily and stretched Monkey D. Luffy as they … Read more

Play the best free anime slots online

November 25, 2022 Anime has taken over Western pop culture in a way that was not believed some 30 years ago. While it was available it was very limited to select channels. Now adults tune in to mostly Japanese anime series like Attack on Titan, Shigurui, Cowboy Bebop, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, … Read more

10 anime characters who love shopping

Whether it’s clothing, manga, or other miscellaneous items, some anime characters just can’t stop spending money. Some of them are impulsive spenders who have probably maxed out all of their credit cards at this point. Other anime characters are average shopaholics who are rarely seen without shopping bags and constantly daydream about going out to … Read more

10 Anime Characters Who Never Worry

It is understandable that many anime characters are stressed all the time. In many cases, they live in worlds that could be destroyed at any time or environments that constantly put them and their loved ones in danger. However, there are a handful of anime characters that are completely unaffected. RELATED: 10 One Piece Heroes … Read more