‘Captain Denki’s First Mission’ – Boruto Anime 232 Review

Team 7 watches Katasuke’s robots in ‘Captain Denki’s First Mission’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 232)

boruto anime episode 232, “Captain Denki’s First Mission,” served as the debut of a new multi-episode arc that will take the main characters to The Land of Water for an important mission.

The last time Boruto and the rest were in The Land of Water was during the multi-episode School Trip Arc (which started in episode 25 in 2017). So I’m looking forward to seeing how things have progressed for certain characters since we last saw them.

On Captain Denki’s First Mission, Denki’s team was assigned a B-Rank mission to Dotou Island in The Land of Water. It turns out that there is gold on the island and that the inhabitants were interested in extracting it. However, the ground was not the most stable and mining involved risks.

The boruto franchise has shown that people including ninjas are quite open to using science and technology for a variety of reasons. So it made sense that such a fictional world created tiny robots capable of extracting gold from a mine. Since Denki was interested in technology, I liked how Katasuke chose Team 5 for the current mission. Not only was Team 5 tasked with transporting the three robots to Dotou Island, but Denki also had to do some maintenance on the dolls after they reached the gold mine. Having recently become a Chunin, I was looking forward to seeing Captain Denki work with Metal Lee and Iwabe to ensure the current B-Rank mission was successful.

In my opinion, Denki has done well as a Chunin level captain. He’s not as strong physically as Metal Lee and Iwabe, but he definitely had the intellect to adapt to situations and use technology to his team’s advantage. With how it goes in the boruto franchise, a tech-focused ninja like Denki has the potential to become very formidable in the future.

As for the issues in “Captain Denki’s First Mission,” I expected the human miners to feel insecure about robots taking over their jobs. However, the actual conflict was simpler. After Team 5 demonstrated the efficiency of the mining robots, two bandits worried that the robots would find their hidden gold stash.

Of course, Team 5 was able to make quick work of the two bandits, even though the bandits were ninjas and even locked Team 5 in the mine. Denki using the mining robots to capture the bandits served as another example of Denki’s ability to adapt quickly.

While I enjoyed watching Denki find the best way to drill through the mine without collapsing on top of everyone and Team 5 having to fight the bandits at the end, I feel the boruto franchise should consider telling a story about how certain people might feel about continued technological advancement.

There are many people in the real world who don’t like their jobs being automated. i think the boruto franchise should also show such sentiments rather than have everyone on board accepting technology. We have seen Boruto show some disdain for using Scientific Ninja Technology in the past. But I’d like to see people who aren’t ninjas share their thoughts about the fear that technology might take over their jobs.

With Team 5 still having some unfinished business on Dotou Island, the preview for the next episode showed that Boruto, Mitsuki, Salad and Kawaki also made their way to The Land of Water. I’m ready for Team 5 and Team 7 to work together to face a major threat.

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