‘Breach of Orders’ – Boruto Anime Episode 229 Review

Mozuku, Chocho, Shikadai & Kawaki in ‘Breach of Orders’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 229)

boruto anime episode 229, ‘Breach of Orders’, showed Kawaki’s determination to complete his final mission. It also featured a plot that felt too close to what is currently happening around the world.

Now that Shikadai, Chocho and Kawaki were selected to escort Mozuku to the Land of the Calm Sea, Breach of Orders opened by showing that the current mission was more dangerous than expected. It turns out that Mozuku doesn’t carry any valuable artwork with him. He is actually carrying a drug meant to help the people of his country fight an epidemic.

Breach of Orders had Mozuku reveal the true reason behind his journey and his explanation touched on how greedy people had no qualms about making money from the suffering of others. Mozuku said that when a serious illness hit his country, his teacher developed a cure. However, the feudal lord decided to make the remedy available at very expensive rates in order to make a profit and strengthen his hold on the land.

Mozuku’s teacher disagreed with the feudal lord’s methods and decided to create a new remedy that was cheaper and faster. But when the feudal lord heard of such a drug, he forbade the production of the drug. Mozuku’s teacher enlisted seven students (including Mozuku) to travel to different countries and work with his peers to produce the new medicine and then return it to the Land of the Calm Seas.

The feudal lord heard about the students who returned with the cure and decided to have them killed by hiring ninjas named Kurobane and Jujumaru. I felt sorry for Mozuku when he realized he was the only student alive. He has endured a lot of emotional stress.

Mozuku’s story was similar to what we experienced in the real world. We all know how certain pharmaceutical companies refuse to make medicines available to the public at affordable prices. There are also arguments about how certain vaccine manufacturing protocols should be shared with other countries to help end the pandemic rather than holding onto information because companies want to make money.

I understand that storylines involving diseases and greedy rulers are not new, but seeing one playout in an anime in the current time we are in just hits differently.

‘Breach of Orders’ also gave Kawaki some character development. One of the reasons Naruto wanted him to go on missions with other ninjas was because he wanted Kawaki to make friends and develop a support group he could rely on when he was in trouble. I liked how Chocho Kawaki offered her lunch because he hadn’t brought anything to eat. Sharing Chocho’s food with someone is a big deal. I liked how Kawaki appreciated her gesture. He also prepaid it by offering food to Mozuku because he had no money to buy some for himself.

Another moment of growth occurred during Shikadai, Chocho and Kawaki’s battle with Jujumaru. Kawaki still has a lot to learn in terms of teamwork. His childhood trained him to take care of himself alone. He was quite surprised by how Chocho Shikadai entrusted her life.

Shikadai asking Chocho to break Jujumaru’s Tree Blood Barrier Jutsu was a reckless tactic, but her trust in Shikadai was rewarded. It was important for Kawaki to realize that there would be situations that he cannot handle alone. Only by working together could Shikadai, Chocho and Kawaki defeat Jujumaru.

Can we also talk about Jujumaru’s Tree Blood Barrier Jutsu? It’s definitely a very formidable secret jutsu to fight, especially if someone doesn’t know how it worked. Trying to destroy the barrier would result in the blood falling from the barrier onto the person. And as soon as a few drops of blood fell on anyone, they would be under Jujumaru’s control. Shikadai had to knock out Mozuku because Jujumaru came very close to killing a possessed Mozuku.

While I enjoyed the action sequence, I would have liked a little more information about how Jujumaru’s jutsu worked. Can Jujumaru only control one person at a time? Can a single drop of blood make a person fall under Jujumaru’s control? Is there some kind of Genjutsu involved in his technique?

“Breach of Orders” ended when Kawaki decided to go after Kurobane to retrieve the medicine he stole from Mozuku and the rest of the students. I enjoyed seeing the determination that Kawaki demonstrated. He had been very carefree in completing his previous missions and becoming a Genin level ninja.

However, after spending time with Mozuku, Kawaki understood the importance of Mozuku’s mission and decided to do everything in his power to help Mozuku deliver the cure to his people.

Now that Shikdai has to take Chocho back to the village because she was seriously injured (I still don’t think there was any point in getting injured, but oh well), I doubt very much that Kawaki and Mozuku will be able to take Kurobane as a duo. to deal with. Mozuku knows a bit of medical ninjutsu, but not enough to be of use in a real fight. They will need a backup. And while Boruto, Salad, and Mitsuki notice Jujumaru and Kurobane running away sometime during the earlier moments of the episode, I wouldn’t mind Team 7 arriving to lend Kawaki a hand once Shikadai tells Naruto what happened.

The episode didn’t clearly show what Kurobane is capable of. As far as I could tell, he had a jutsu that he liked to use when torturing people. When he finished, the person being tortured died and their bodies looked as if the blood had been drawn. He also has an ocular jutsu which he used to track Mozuku and knows how to summon mist.

With the feudal lord around, I wonder if Naruto will play a part in making sure the people of the Land of the Calm Sea get the treatment they need, because even if Mozuku had brought the cure back, the Feudal Lord put him in jail . I would not be against the people who rise up against the feudal lord and take matters into their own hands.

While I still think Kawaki shouldn’t leave the village, I have to say I enjoy the current arc. Will he still be given the rank of Genin after helping Mozuku, even if he refused to follow Shikadai’s orders to return to Konoha? We’ll know soon enough.

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