Boruto’s latest chapter sets the stage for a love triangle clash

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 73 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “A Special Mission”, by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English at Viz Media.

One of the most intriguing aspects in boruto are the recent developments regarding Mitsuki. While the story focused more on the Hokage’s son and then on Sarada’s training, much more has come to light about Orochimaru’s descendants. He has surprised many by actually being a true blue hero, and not one who wants to betray Konoha like his predecessor did.

Interestingly, he also seems to have a crush on Boruto, which is something Sarada picked up on in Team 7. Granted, the manga didn’t tackle much after that, but it feels like it’s going to take a bigger arc if Mitsuki suspects Sarada likes Boruto too . But while Sarada seems more preoccupied with her shinobi duty, boruto Chapter 73 implies that Mitsuki will collide with another potential love interest for Boruto: Sumire.

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What will happen to Boruto and Sumire?

Boruto will soon be moving in with Kawaki and Eida, keeping a close eye on the latter so she doesn’t lose control and turn on Konoha. More than that, he has to make sure that whether Kawaki accepts or rejects Eida’s crush, he doesn’t go mad or drive Eida into a fit of rage. When Boruto admitted he was confused as to why Eida would like Kawaki, someone she’d never met, Sumire made it clear that it’s about normality.

Aside from Boruto, Kawaki’s Ōtsutsuki DNA keeps Eida from controlling him. So he’s the only person she can have a real, organic romance with based on feelings. It’s Sumire’s way of subtly hinting to Boruto that it’s all about following your heart, not a predestined fate. Sumire has already suggested in the anime that she wants something more, but Boruto only sees her as the class prefect and nods at how Naruto ignored Hinata – the woman he would eventually marry and have a son and the shy Himawari.

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What will happen to Boruto and Mitsuki?

As Sumire delivered her speech, a wide-eyed, observant Mitsuki took note. Since he is also the one who shows the most empathy, he can see that Sumire is fond of an oblivious Boruto. But he also listens, understands how to approach his best friend, and possibly admits feelings too. The interesting thing is that Mitsuki is cool with Sumire, so he may even know heart to heart how to handle the situation. She’s over her anger issues and past when she was sent as a weapon to destroy the Hidden Leaf, but she’s admittedly frustrated with Boruto.

So that open conversation might not go down well, because Boruto is all Sumire has in Konoha. In addition, she is one of the few who knows that Kawaki killed Boruto and how Momoshiki brought him back to life is covered up. To top it off, Mitsuki, Sarada and their teacher, Konohamaru, are tasked with keeping an eye on the house with Boruto, Eida and Kawaki in case a fight breaks out. This eventually sets the stage for Sumire to intervene, as she is so emotional about Boruto.

It’s up in the air whether she or Mitsuki will side with Boruto – especially knowing that Momoshiki could influence him – but what is certain is that Boruto will have to purify the air with both while in human form and grant the closure they give. so desperately searching. It would heal their personal lives, but will also inform how they keep an eye on him, knowing that in due course he could become a Ōtsutsuki and endanger his family and friends.

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