Boruto’s big genre change is the manga’s best pick since the beginning

Warning: SPOILERS for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 73The implicit new direction boruto is an exciting change that fans of the latest arc of the Naruto spin-off have been waiting for and what the manga had to embrace to attract new readers.

Unfortunately, most of the hate that the boruto The manga is receiving misdirected criticism from the anime, which suffers from a flood of fillers for launching too early when the manga is only released on a monthly basis. While the manga has had its own issues that had nothing to do with the adaptation at all, things got better then boruto introduced the villain Eida or Ada, depending on the translations.


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Aside from introducing romance at a time when the genre is bewilderingly absent from most Shonen Jump titles, what made Eida incredible was that she was empowered by the same emotion that Naruto originally used to criminally misrepresent Sakura: an obsession for a man who doesn’t care about them. And now it’s promised that all those feelings will reach a very dramatic climax, as revealed in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 73 by creator and supervisor Masashi Kishimoto, artist Mikio Ikemoto, and screenwriter Ukyo Kodachi. The villain Eida, who has been in love with Kawaki for a while, as well as Boruto, but to a lesser extent, will live with them and the rest of Team 7 when she finally arrives in Konoha.

Eida is one of Boruto’s best new characters

Strictly from the standpoint of this story, readers who are fans of Eida have thoroughly enjoyed how much she has screamed about little things Kawaki and Boruto have done to the point where boruto fans have been impatient the moment she inevitably finally meets them. Moreover, Eida’s desire to experience original love makes her situation completely unique and forces readers to sympathize with her, while placing great importance on how Kawaki will react once he sees her, as Eida’s powers would make it easy for her to take over. . the world. In addition, fans who felt that some of NarutoIts biggest moments included the romance between Naruto and Hinata, and for those who are constantly annoyed at the utter lack of it in nearly every big-name Shonen Jump series, they can’t get enough of the fact that there’s an action manga out there. actually make romance a central part of the story.

From the perspective of other manga, borutoThe upcoming scenario of cohabitation is actually innovating a common figure of speech in successful series, as seen in witch watch and Let the exorcist fall in love. In these and other cases, two or more characters who don’t normally have the same feelings for each other are expected to live together for some important reason. As the main plot point, these stories normally start with their characters moving towards each other at the first chapter. As a result, readers know very little about their relationships from the start, forcing them to rely more on their interactions in the future. But boruto gives readers the unique experience of seeing material for months before the characters are forced into the same situation. So fans enter this already emotionally charged scenario with a lot more background and chapter building, enhancing this already unique experience on numerous levels. boruto therefore not only reinterprets itself for the better, but even improves on an already very successful trope that promises many gems in the coming months.

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