Boruto Naruto Next Generations Manga Issue 67 Review

Eida on the cover of ‘Rift’ (Image: Boruto manga issue 67)

boruto manga chapter 67, titled ‘Rift’, brought a huge change for the titular character. Also, Code must rethink its strategy to achieve its goals.

I mean, has anyone in the… boruto Does fandom really think Boruto had died in the previous chapter? While I wasn’t sure how Boruto would be resurrected, I knew he wouldn’t stay dead. ‘Rift’ showed that Momoshiki intervened to bring Boruto back to life.

I think the explanation was correct. At least 82% of Momoshiki’s DNA had been extracted. Momoshiki only needed the remaining 18% to resurrect himself by using Boruto’s body as his vessel. However, when Boruto was mortally wounded, Momoshiki had to change his plans.

It is revealed that Momoshiki used the remaining 18% to grow the cells needed for Boruto’s injured heart and lungs. Also, Boruto’s body was now 100% Otsutsuki because it used Momoshiki’s DNA as a base to manipulate the 18% to resuscitate Boruto.

Being 100% Otsutsuki meant that Boruto’s body was ready to be fed to the Ten-Tails. However, it also meant that Momoshiki could no longer use Boruto’s body to bring herself back to life. Not only that, but this was (apparently) a one-time deal. When Boruto sustains another fatal injury, Momoshiki can’t help him.

We also got an answer as to whether or not Boruto was attacked by Kawaki was related to Momoshiki’s prophecy that one day Boruto’s blue eyes would take everything from him. ‘Rift’ showed that things only started to get worse for Boruto. The big tests were yet to come for our young hero!

Now, I don’t know about you, but if Momoshiki had already seen Boruto’s future (or at least a sketch of it), didn’t he already know that he wouldn’t be able to use Boruto’s body to resurrect himself in the first place? ? Shouldn’t Momoshiki have tried to put the Karma mark on someone else instead of on Boruto? hmm.

Anyway, with both Boruto and Kawaki getting massive powerups from gaining access to their Karma Marks, we hope Salad and Mitsuki get some power boosts too. Salad and Mistuki are way too weak at the moment compared to Boruto and Kawaki. It’s disappointing.

‘Rift’ also had Kawaki vs Code. It was clear that Code (who still had limiters on him) had no chance of defeating Kawaki. I enjoyed their fight. It was over for Code the moment Kawaki started to shrink Code’s Claw Marks so that he couldn’t retreat. Kawaki wants to put an end to anyone who threatens Naruto.

In my opinion, the title of the current manga chapter was about the gap between Eida and Code. Although Eida said she had no intention of getting between Code and his goals, she had to stand firm on Kawaki’s well-being. Code was not allowed to harm Kawaki or even think of feeding him the Ten-Tails. She even used her brother Daemon to threaten Code.

I look forward to seeing more of the dynamics between Eida and Code. Will Code find a way to break free of Eida’s influence on him?

With Boruto “dying” in the previous manga chapter, “Rift” was of course supposed to feature emotionally heavy panels featuring Naruto. In my opinion, the emotional moments were processed quite well. Naruto asked Shikamaru if it was all a dream, as he held his son’s lifeless body in his arms, which made sense. And while I understood where Naruto came from, being the Hokage, I expected a stronger decision from him. For some reason (possibly due to the ease of the plot), Naruto didn’t have what it takes to leave Boruto’s body and help Kawaki subdue Code. Even Shikamaru became frustrated with Naruto’s inaction.

Aside from that, with Code having backed off using Daemon as a shield against Kawaki (that was kind of a funny moment), the current manga chapter had Shikamaru and Naruto share some heated words about what to do with Kawaki. As for Shikamaru, he is concerned about Kawaki’s stubbornness when it comes to his goals. Yes, Kawaki’s purpose was to protect Naruto. But Shikamaru exclaimed the lack of emotion that Kawaki showed when he dealt a deadly blow to Boruto.

As someone who likes it as the Naruto/boruto franchise is about politics, looking forward to seeing how Shikamaru and Naruto will continue to clash over how to interact with someone like Kawaki. The rest of the Kages will also have something to say.

What did you think of ‘Rift’? Do you think Code placed a hidden Claw Mark on Shikamaru to access the Hidden Leaf Village?

Let us know.

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