“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Manga Issue 64 Review: Control

Shikamaru on the cover of “Control” (Image: Boruto manga chapter 64)

boruto manga chapter 64, ‘Control’, showed Boruto using a new stage of his Karma Mark. The story also predicted, in my opinion, that something bad was going to happen in the upcoming issue.

When Boruto unlocked a new level of his Karma Mark in the previous chapter, ‘Control’ showed that our young hero could still move his body without Momoshiki’s influence. I liked how Kawaki was wary of Boruto’s newest form. He was concerned that Momoshiki would appear any moment and take control of Boruto’s body. Kawaki didn’t have what it takes to stand up to Boroshiki.

‘Control’ was quite an action-heavy chapter. Boruto has definitely gotten stronger thanks to the Karma Mark. I think he also uses Momoshiki’s previous combat experience. Even Eida told Code to take Boruto seriously and not be wary. As for Eida, Boruto’s ability to reach such a stage could be linked to the medication Amado gave him, although Eida and Code were unable to figure out the actual biological mechanism behind the Byakugan suppressant pills.

In my opinion, Boruto vs Code was well choreographed. I liked how Boruto, using a Shadow Clone, pulled code from a Claw Mark that he used to teleport. We also learned that the Karma Mark could not absorb the Claw Marks because they were not made entirely of chakra (they contain the iron from Code’s blood). So removing Code required a different approach to counter its pesky skill.

Since Boruto was busy with Code and trying to protect Kawaki, the rest of the manga focused on Naruto trying to feel his son’s chakra. I don’t know about you, but I still think the fact that Boruto was able to escape the village without alerting the Sensory Unit was a poorly executed conspiracy convenience. I’m also a little suspicious of Nishi. Could he be an Outer Kara member? hmm.

With Boruto and Kawaki in danger, it was only natural that Hinata wanted to go with Naruto to save the two young boys. Personally, I would have loved to see Hinata participate in a battle against Code. I want the older generation (except Naruto and Sasuk) to have their moments to shine in boruto. As for the story, however, Naruto was that he wanted Hinata to stay at home with Himawari, true to his character. It is impossible that Naruto would ever endanger Hinata, even though he is not as powerful as before due to the loss of Kurama.

Since Sasuk was busy following Code and Sai’s job was to protect Amado, Shikamaru decided to go with Naruto. Shikamaru’s analytical skills will certainly come in handy when devising a strategy to defeat Code. Naruto’s Sage Mode should also help our heroes determine where Code will appear next when teleporting through the Claw Marks for surprise attacks.

That said, I think Naruto and Shikamaru should have decided to bring Sakura with them. With the loss of Kurama, Naruto no longer has his impressive regenerative abilities. Shikamaru is also not a healer. Someone like Sakura, the best medical ninja with monstrous strength, would have been a smart move.

As for the foreshadowing, I felt uneasy as Hinata and Himawari prayed for everyone’s safe return. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone dies or gets seriously injured in the next chapter. I think Shikamaru could risk his life to protect Naruto from Code or possibly Boroshiki.

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