Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×242

Seiren and Funamushi get ready to attack in ‘Seiren’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 242)

boruto anime episode 242, ‘Seiren’, gave us Kagura and Boruto a team against a tough opponent. It also laid the groundwork for Ikada to return to the Funato clan.

Now that the war between the Hidden Mist Village and the Funato clan had begun, I understood why Boruto didn’t want to leave Kagura. Boruto is not about abandoning friends. But as Salad and Kawaki put it, as ninjas from the Hidden Leaf Village, they weren’t allowed to interfere unless Konoha ordered them to.

Their current mission was to rescue and return the kidnapped Konoha scientists. Nothing anymore. However, with how things developed in ‘Seiren’, you can see that Boruto and his crew will continue to assist Kagura. And I’m excited to see how the current arc will progress.

However, I wonder what the Funato clan’s plan is. What will they do when Chojuro decides to ask the other Kages for help? The Funato clan does not have the strength to go against such a combined force. Naruto and Sasuk alone would be too much for them to handle.

Similarly, I had to chuckle at Seiren wanting to kill Boruto. She knew he was Naruto’s son and yet she wanted to kill him outright. Since she is the daughter of the leader of the Funato clan, I thought she would have been wise enough to leave Boruto alone. Killing Boruto would be an act of war against Naruto and we all know that the Funato clan will not win that battle.

That said, I did enjoy Kagura and Boruto vs Seiren. Her abilities allowed her to release a dark mist from her body. The cover helped her snipe away her opponents with ease using chakra arrows. I loved the design of her weapon. It resembled a stingray and she could use it like a harp to detect enemies through echolocation. Not only that, playing certain notes allowed her to control the chakra arrows, causing them to change orbit in mid-air for surprise attacks.

While Seiren wasn’t the most powerful villain Boruto had ever seen, she was certainly a tough adversary to fight. She was the type of opponent who could not be defeated without an effective combat strategy.

I think the writers did a good job of beating Kagura and Boruto as a team against Lady Funato. Boruto, a clever ninja, used the sound of natural thunder to disrupt her echolocation and helped Kagura find an opening to land a good shot. Boruto may seem reckless to some, but he always works according to some sort of plan.

Kagura’s brief fight with Funamushi was also handled well. Funamushi’s ‘Imminent Danger’ attack reminded me of Kiba’s attack pattern. I liked how Kagura made quick work of Funamushi when he realized that Boruto’s life was in danger. Kagura is quite strong. He just needs to show it more. My only complaint would be that Kagura is going to help Boruto before he locks up Funamushi. But I think we’ll have to write that down to plot ease, or else Funamushi wouldn’t have been able to run off with an injured Seiren by the end of the episode.

Funamushi’s ability to summon a swarm of leeches to control other humans (as long as the leeches sucked their blood) was interesting. I would have liked to see Salad and Mitsuki trying to subdue a leech-controlled Kawaki in the episode. Oh yeah.

Another thing I liked about this episode were the little moments when Salad was performing her duties as a team captain. Even Denki, a team captain herself, listened to her. Salad is clearly under a lot of pressure and I hope the coming episodes explore her feelings about being team captain.

Speaking of upcoming episodes, while I’ve enjoyed the small battles, I hope we get some big showdowns soon. I want to see our heroes fight the Funato clan. I want the fights to be big and explosive! Fingers crossed Mitsuki and Salad have an enjoyable battle sequence.

As for Hebiichigo’s betrayal in the previous episode, Kagura has of course forgiven her. He’s just that kind of person. I don’t think she’ll try to kill him again. Also, yay to Metal Lee assisting Hebiichigo when she was attacked by a leech controlled ninja.

I wonder what Ikada will do next. Even though he ran away from his family to pursue his dreams of building ships, he still took care of his sister. With Funamushi telling Ikada that Seiren was injured in battle with Kagura and Boruto, a confrontation between Boruto and Ikada is inevitable. I am interested in Ikada’s special ability. It’s also clear that even if the two have to fight soon, Boruto will use his Talk-No Jutsu specialty to help Ikada get back on track.

What did you think of ‘Seiren’?

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