Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×227 Review – “Team 7’s Final Mission?!”

Konohamaru Gets Emotional in ‘Team 7’s Last Mission?!’ (Image: Boruto anime episode 227)

boruto anime Episode 227, titled ‘Team 7’s Last Mission?!’, gave the main cast some closure when Salad replaced Konohamaru as team captain after he was promoted to Chunin.

I really feel like the story needed an episode like ‘Team 7’s Last Mission?!’ as things changed for Boruto, Salad and Mitsuki as a team. While the action wasn’t bombastic, the character-focused moments more than made up for it. Team 7 has been working with Konohamaru as their captain for a while. So it made sense that such a change in the team dynamics caused our young cast and Konohamaru to get emotional.

‘Team 7’s final mission?!’ opened with Salade happy to become a Chunin, but also sad that her team no longer needs Konohamaru. I liked how Sakura tried to cheer her daughter up. But Salade still had to address her feelings the right way. Team 7 wanted to spend time with Konohamaru before things officially changed, but couldn’t because he was on a mission with Mirai.

Now that Sakura noticed something was wrong with Salad, I loved how she signaled Sasuke to talk to her because he was both Salad’s father and her teacher. I think the writers did a good job when it came to the explanations they had Sasuk deliver. He understood what Salad was going through. But it was important for his daughter to realize that the bond she shared with Konohamaru could never be broken. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto had gone through the same ordeal as they grew up to become powerful ninjas. Even though Kakashi wasn’t their team captain long ago, they were still attached to him.

The title of this episode, ‘Team 7’s Last Mission?!’, was about the older version of Team 7 who took part in their last mission with Konohamaru before Salad took over as team captain. As it turned out, the mission assigned to Konohamaru and Mirai had become dangerous – and it fell on Salad, Boruto, and Mitsuki’s shoulders to go and rescue Konohamaru because they knew him best.

The episode made it a point to mention that the mission shouldn’t have been difficult for someone like Konohamaru and Mirai. I liked how Konohamaru’s reasoning for staying behind and sending a poisoned Mirai to warn the Hidden Leaf Village was presented. He could have easily taken down someone like Hyogo (a criminal with an extensive network in the underworld), but Konohamru bided his time so he could also save the villagers who were beating Hyogo’s gang.

Knowing Konohamaru’s thought process, Team 7 came up with his plan on their own and helped him carry it out with ease. Like I said, the action wasn’t the greatest, but I enjoyed the interactions between Team 7 and Konohamaru. Like any other teacher, he just wanted them to continue to succeed even if he was no longer a part of their travels.

Team 7 posed with Konohamru for one last photo before things changed between them, making for a cute little moment towards the end of the episode.

Other thoughts and questions:

  • Shikamaru and Naruto really felt for Team 7 and the importance of closure because those two lost their teachers. Naruto didn’t even get to say goodbye.
  • I really liked that Sakura gave a thumbs up after helping Mirai recover from his poisoning.
  • As a married couple, Sakura and Sasuke don’t need to talk to communicate. Eye contact helps them understand what needs to be done. I think that’s great for them.
  • Sakura and Salad were the first to become Chunin in their version of Team 7. I look forward to seeing how Salad continues to perform as a team captain.

What did you think of ‘Team 7’s Last Mission?!’

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