Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×226 Review – “Samurai vs Science”

Tsubaki and Denki get ready to fight in ‘Samurai vs Science’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 226)

boruto anime episode 226, ‘Samurai vs Science’, gave me an enjoyable battle between Tsubaki and Denki. I was actually surprised at the outcome of their fight.

‘Samurai and Science’ started with Mitsuki and Boruto trying to reach the Chunin Exam Arena in time for their match. However, it was clear from the start of this arc that they would be disqualified for not showing up and that’s exactly what happened. Naruto, Sai, and Shikamaru knew they couldn’t give Mitsuki and Boruto any special treatment. However, I felt bad for Salad. She became a Chunin without her teammates being there to cheer her on.

With Mitsuki and Boruto disqualified, the match between Denki and Tsubaki was turned upside down. In a way, both young fighters went into battle without knowing much about each other. I didn’t expect Denki Metal to tell Lee and Iwabe that he was more comfortable with Boruto or Mistuki because at least he knew the fighting style of a ninja. Tsubaki, who was a samurai, worried him because he didn’t have enough data about her. The lack of data reminded me of how Inojin was beaten during his match because he didn’t fully know what Houki was capable of.

‘Samurai vs Science’ debuted Denki’s Scientific Ninja Tool device. It looked very bulky and like the rest of the characters I even wondered how Denki would move in it. Apparently I shouldn’t have worried. Denki’s Scientific Ninja Tool suit was more than capable of keeping up with Tsubaki’s quick moves and even making it difficult for her.

According to Katasuke, who decided to come to the arena to support Denki, the suit used electrical impulses to stimulate muscle reflexes, allowing Denki to dodge incoming attacks and counter some very powerful punches. However, Denki was more than just using a robotic suit. I liked how Shikadai, Salad and Mitsuki picked up on Denki’s precise movements. It was as if he predicted Tsubaki’s movements.

Again, Katasuke explained that Denki had made a visor to read an opponent’s movements. The visor reminded me of the device that showed up in the Dead or alive live action movie. The existence of a Scientific Ninja Tool that could mimic a Sharingan’s abilities made sense. But there was also a catch. Denki’s visor couldn’t read Tsubaki’s unpredictable movements, which, if I’m right, a Sharingan can. Not only that, but Denki’s suit also overheated.

‘Samurai vs Science’ showed that using Scientific Ninja Tools had advantages, but such devices also had disadvantages. They can be destroyed if they are not durable enough. They also overheated easily. Running out of options, Denki had to rely on his ninja skills to defeat Tsubaki.

The boruto franchise continues to make statements about Scientific Ninja Tools. A ninja should use them to aid in combat, but a ninja should never rely on them alone. Ultimately, regardless of the type of tool used, the skills a particular ninja has developed hard over the years will determine the outcome of a mission.

In terms of character development, Denki was able to prove that he had become more confident in using his own abilities. Tsubaki realized that she was still inexperienced in certain matters. She also acknowledged Wasabi and Namida’s support for her and decided to stay in the Hidden Leaf Village. I love Tsubaki as a character and I’m glad she will stay.

Though Denki’s win against Tsubaki surprised me, I’m happy for him. Denki’s genius when it comes to Scientific Ninja Tools makes him a Chunin-level ninja in my opinion. He has what it takes to be a very tricky ninja that he can beat down the line.

With Denki, Houki, Wasabi and Salad becoming Chunin, I’m looking forward to the kind of missions their respective teams will be sent on. Kawaki also expressed interest in starting his ninja journey by becoming a Genin. But I don’t know how that will work. Code is still there. And sending Kawaki on missions, even if they are at Genin level, makes no sense because Naruto and the rest know that Kawaki’s life is still in danger.

Speaking of things that don’t add up, the Amado situation that Mitsuki and Boruto got involved in (which also made them late for their last Chunin fight) wasn’t mentioned at all in this episode. I still can’t understand how someone as important as Amado could be kidnapped from the Hidden Leaf Village without an alarm going off. Didn’t Sai have some bodyguards watching Amado while he was studying the Chunin exams with Naruto and Shikamaru? Again, in my opinion, the kidnapped Amado storyline was nothing more than a poorly written plot ease to keep Boruto and Mitsuki from competing.

Since Boruto and Mitsuki didn’t get their official fight, “Samurai vs Science” ended with the two young ninjas deciding to fight at night in the Chunin Arena anyway. I don’t know about you, but such a moment can provide good content for Boruto/Mitsuki shippers. Two young ninjas fighting it out, alone at night, joining with their fists… and their feelings. haha!

Some other thoughts and questions:

  • Shinki recognized Tsubaki’s speed. And when a ninja like Shinki recognizes someone’s skills, you know they’re good! She was also able to cut Denki’s fireball jutsu attack in half with her sword.
  • Realizing the power of Denki’s incoming punch, Tsubaki decided to dodge it at the last minute, making for a very good scene. Tsubaki using her scabbard to unleash a barrage of unpredictable moves to destroy Denki’s visor was another.
  • It turns out that Shinki and his team were sent to Konoha to observe Kawaki. However, he was disappointed not to have seen Boruto fight. I think the majority of the boruto fandom feels the same. I’m kind of okay with the two not fighting as it wouldn’t have been a real fight as Mitsuki and Boruto probably weren’t allowed to use the Sage Mode and the Karma Mark respectively.
  • Do you think Amado’s kidnapping will be mentioned in a future episode?
  • We finally saw that Sakura is proud of Salad becoming a Chunin.
  • I liked how the episode showed Denki’s father being proud of his son as he watched the footage of his battle. As a character, Denki decided to take a different path for himself by wanting to become a ninja and not just an inventor working for his father’s company. It’s nice to see Denki slowly getting better.

What did you think of ‘Samuari vs Science’?

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