Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×225 Review – “Best Friends Confrontation”

Chocho and Salade go wild in ‘Showdown Between Best Friends’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 225)

boruto anime episode 225, ‘Showdown Between Best Friends’, featured a very enjoyable battle between Salad and Chocho. However, the scenes with Amado didn’t make sense to me.

The boruto fandom has been looking forward to watching ‘Showdown Between Best Friends’ since the promo material came out. While there was excitement in the air, certain fans were also concerned that Salad vs Chocho would be a repeat of Sakura vs Ino from Naruto. And while I liked Sakura vs Ino for the character development it offered, I understood where the fandom came from wanting a more action-oriented episode, especially after what happened last week.

In my opinion, the writers struck the right balance between action and emotional scenes in the final episode. By fighting Chocho, Salad was able to realize something very important. While she initially held back and apologized to Chocho for hurting her, Chocho’s frustration that Salad didn’t take their fight seriously enough served as a reality check for young Uchiha.

I liked how this episode featured a flashback where Sasuke asked Salad if she was willing to do whatever it took to help Boruto if he lost control again and became Boroshiki. If Salad isn’t able to properly fight her best friend during the Chunin exams, how can she stand up to a serious threat like Boroshiki in the field?

Salad facing Chocho was a necessary obstacle she had to overcome to help her get ready to save Boruto down the line, even if it meant killing him in his Boroshiki form to protect the rest of the world.

A ninja who has to kill his friend or lover to protect others is nothing new in this franchise. Kakashi had to kill his teammate Rin. Sakura tried to kill Sasuk. Jiraiya and Tsunade faced Orochimaru. Jiraiya also had to deal with his ex-students. Just to name a few examples. Whether Salad will be able to actually kill (or at least try to) Boruto when the time comes remains to be seen.

While I was happy to see Salad win the battle, I must say I was sad for Chocho. She and Inojin had promised each other to become Chunin together so that Shikadai wouldn’t feel bad wearing his Chunin vest. But I don’t think it was their time yet.

Chocho clearly has what it takes to become a Chunin, in terms of power levels. She impressed me during the fight. Not only did Chocho swerve from the lightning balls Salad threw at her, but she also managed to keep up with Salad’s tweetomoe Sharingan as both girls demonstrated their Taijutsu skills. I continue to like Chocho as a character!

“Showdown Between Best Friends” also allowed Shinki to communicate with Kawaki. While I understand that the fandom was hoping for an actual battle between the two, I don’t think it would have made sense to actually have them fight in the Hidden Leaf Village. Shinki only wanted to determine Kawaki’s power and he was able to do so during their brief interaction. Kawaki has lost a lot of power because he no longer has the Karma Mark. I look forward to the writers exploring Kawaki’s feelings about such a loss.

I also liked how Shinki told Kawaki that they don’t underestimate the ninjas who want to become Chunin. Kawaki is the type of character who reacted to power. So in my opinion it made sense that he acknowledged Shinki and went back to watching the Chunin exams after Shinki knocked him down easily.

The only part of “Showdown Between Best Friends” that I didn’t like focused on Boruto and Mitsuki’s rescue mission. The fact that Amado was kidnapped by a mysterious group from the Hidden Leaf Village still doesn’t make sense to me. Why didn’t their guards keep an eye on someone as important as Amado? The whole thing kept coming across as a poorly written plot ease to keep Boruto and Mitsuki from taking the Chunin exams.

I still hope that the version of Amdo that appears on the screen is not real. I want the person who rescued Boruto and Mitsuki to be a disguised Konoha ninja because the said ninja wanted to know what the mysterious group wanted from the real Amado.

Anyway, it was nice to see Sasuk arrive at the stadium to watch Salad’s fight. He was very proud of her performance. I would have liked Sakura to be there too. But I think she’s busy running the hospital. That said, it would have been nice to show a quick shot of Sakura watching Salad on TV. I would also have liked to see Chocho’s parents encourage her.

With the next battle between Denki and Tsubaki, I can’t wait to see how Denki’s secret Scientific Ninja Tool will stack up against an impressive samurai.

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