Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×222 Review – “The Night Before the Final Round”

Team 7 pledges to give it their all in ‘The Night Before The Final Round’ (Screengrab: Boruto anime episode 222)

boruto anime episode 222, titled “The Night Before The Final Round,” allowed the contestants to prepare and handle their emotions for their one-on-one battles.

I liked how ‘The Night Before The Final Round’ kind of put the spotlight on the supporting cast. The remaining Chunin exam candidates are determined to give their best in the upcoming competition. I think the writers did a good job of demonstrating their determination without ignoring that the young ninjas are also nervous about what’s to come. They all want to be promoted to Chunin. However, only half of the remaining candidates will be able to achieve such a ranking.

According to the rules, only the winners may rank up and become Chunin. Frankly, such a rule doesn’t seem logical to me. From what we’ve seen in the past Chunin exams, becoming a Chunin is more than just winning a fight. Sometimes even the person who lost can be promoted to Chunin because he had the necessary skills that Chunin should have. It’s not just about being more powerful than the person you’re fighting. That’s why I didn’t think it made sense to listen to the adults that the winners are promoted to the next ninjarang. Maybe the adults are lying on purpose? We’ll know soon enough.

I liked the conversation between the members of Team 7. Boruto is ready to prove how much he’s grown since the last exam. He has been through a lot and wants to show everyone, especially Naruto, that he is a capable ninja on his own. Salad saw the current exam as another obstacle she must overcome to achieve her goal of becoming a Hokage one day. Mitsuki is determined to become a Chunin because he understood how important it was to his two teammates. Boruto, Salad and Mitsuki promised not to hold back if they faced each other in battle.

Although Team 7 has made such a promise, there are certain fans who are already joking about how Mitsuki is likely to surrender if he has to fight Boruto because Mitsuki is in love with him. I also highly doubt that Boruto and Mitsuki can really do anything against an opponent, because Mitsuki keeps his Sage mode a secret and Boruto using the Karma mark during the Chunin exam would probably be considered cheating.

While Mitsuki and Boruto were training together, Salad decided to go to Sasuke for some advice. As far as I could understand, Sasuke was actually telling his young daughter to be prepared for the unexpected and not to be oppressed by any situation. Sasuke lost his Rinnegan (a huge source of his power) after the battle with Isshiki. But he does not regret how certain events turned out. Like a formidable ninja, he knows how to adapt to the cards he is dealt. I would have loved to see Salad talking to Sakura or at least a scene where Sakura showed her excitement about Salad making it to the final round, but oh well.

Inojin, Shikadai and Chocho also had a nice moment as a team while eating BBQ together. Chocho rightly stated that Inojin tried to hide his nerves by sharing his opinion about how she ate too much before the final round. I liked how Inojin used his Mind Transfer Jutsu to see if he was powerful enough to make Chocho stop eating. Of course he failed. I’m looking forward to seeing Inojin use his clan’s special technique during his upcoming battle.

Speaking of mind techniques, I’d also like to see Salad use Genjutsu against her opponent. When Salad and Chocho end up fighting each other, I think the scene where Chocho overcame Inojin’s Mind Transfer Jutsu indicated that she had a certain amount of Genjutsu resistance. So maybe she has a slim chance of breaking free from Salad’s Genjutsu? Let’s wait and see what happens.

In my opinion, Salade and Chocho having to fight each other should kind of mimic the Sakura vs Ino fight during Naruto because these characters are good friends with each other. At least, unlike Sakura and Ino, Chocho and Salad didn’t argue because they were in love with the same man.

Chocho’s determination to level up and not rely on Shikadai during missions also reminded me of Sakura’s decision to get better so she could stand next to Sasuke and Naruto instead of being a burden. Salad is also going through something similar. She knows about the massive boost of power the Karma Mark is able to give to Boruto (while endangering his life) and she wants to become strong enough to help Boruto in his time of need.

Coming back to Inojin, Chocho and Shikadai sharing a meal, I liked how Inojin and Chocho knew that Shikadai hadn’t been wearing his Chunin vest since he got it because he was waiting for Chocho and Inojin to rise in rank so the whole team could wear their vests together. While the rest of the teams are close, things were a little different when it came to the Ino-Shika-Cho formation. This formation had been active in the Hidden Leaf Village for decades, with those involved growing up together. Inojin, Chocho and Shikadai were basically siblings and so it made sense that Shikadai wouldn’t wear his Chunin vest until the other two members were promoted as well.

With the new Chunin exam rules allowing the use of Scientific Ninja Tools, ‘The Night Before The Final Round’ showed Denki going to the research department to work on his project. Now that Denki isn’t as strong as his peers, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of tool he can create. The episode showed Denki impressively damaging the wall in the test chamber with his secret device. I also liked playing Metal partly to help his teammate Denki, even though he didn’t make the last round.

An important development took place when Tsubaki received a letter from the Land of Iron. It turns out that the Land of Yser wanted her to come back for a leadership position. Wasabi and Namida were disheartened at Tsubaki leaving quickly, while also happy that their teammate got what she wanted was handled well. Wasabi and Namida just can’t keep a third teammate. First, Sumire left the team to pursue her interest in scientific research into ninja tools. And now Tsubaki leaves the team to achieve her goals. Do you think Wasabi and Namida will decide to go with Tsubaki and visit the Land of Iron?

Also yell at Tsubaki because he notices that Denki has been up to something. I think they will fight each other. Fingers crossed we get an exciting showdown between Samurai and Scientific Ninja Tool.

Another major development occurred during the episode’s closing moments when a group of mysterious men walked into the Hidden Leaf Village to cause trouble. Something always goes wrong when the Hidden Leaf Village decides to hold the Chunin exams. With one of the mysterious men carrying a sword, I wouldn’t be surprised if the suspect group is connected to the Land of Iron. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Boruto gets involved in whatever comes next and loses his chance to compete in the final round.

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