Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×220 Review – “Time Remaining”

Naruto offers his support to Boruto in ‘Remaining Time’ (Image: Boruto anime episode 220)

boruto anime episode 220, “Remaining Time,” got pretty emotional when Naruto tried to figure out a way to protect Boruto from Momoshiki’s influence.

With Naruto recently losing Kurama and not being as strong as he once was, it made sense that the rest of the Kages were concerned about Naruto’s ability to deal with the problem with Boruto’s ever-growing Karma Mark. Since Momoshiki had taken over Boruto’s consciousness a few times now, the Kages rightly feared it would happen again, and Momoshiki presented himself as an Isshiki-level threat.

Gaara didn’t even hesitate to ask if Naruto had what it takes to stop Boruto before things got worse. Gaara’s tone was loud, but it was something Naruto needed to hear. Yes, he is Boruto’s father, but he also has a duty to protect the Hidden Leaf Village and the rest of the world.

I liked how ‘Remaining Time’ focused on Naruto’s feelings as a parent and how he tried to balance the roles of father and Hokage. Naruto is aware of the inevitable danger of Boruto’s Karma Mark. In a way, killing Boruto right now would end a lot of trouble. But Naruto’s parental side didn’t allow him to do this until it was absolutely necessary. He would do anything to protect his child and find a way to stop the Otsutsukification process.

Naruto even held out for Sasuke when the two talked about Boruto’s deteriorating condition. Sasuke had promised Boruto that he would kill him if Momoshiki took over his body. However, Sasuk failed to do so during their fight with Isshiki. Sasuk told Naruto that he would not make the same mistake again and that Naruto had to face reality. According to Katasuke, Boruto had only a few weeks, or at most six months, before the Otsutsukification process was completed. So Naruto had to make a quick decision.

One of the best moments in ‘Remaining Time’ happened towards the end of the episode with Naruto sitting down for a bit of heart-to-heart with Boruto. Although Naruto is aware that he was not as strong as before, he assured Boruto that he would not lose hope. According to Naruto, parents were able to unleash enormous amounts of power when their children were in danger. I think Naruto said that was related to how Naruto’s parents were able to show a lot of power in protecting baby Naruto from the Nine-Tails decades ago.

Experiencing that kind of support from his father, even though he’s running out of time, brought Boruto a lot of peace of mind. The poor boy forced himself not to sleep for days because he was afraid that Momoshiki would take over his body.

While Naruto and Boruto talked things over about the Karma Mark, Amado intervened with a possible solution. It turns out that he has developed pills to suppress the Byakugan due to the Byakugan’s connection to the Otsutsiki clan. Amado even gave the pills to Kawaki, which is why Kawaki’s Otsutsikifictaion process was delayed. Now that Boruto is willingly taking the pills, it will be interesting to see if there are any side effects, because unlike Kawaki, Boruto has the potential to awaken the Byakugan due to its parentage.

Remaining Time also showed Mitsuki and Salad concerned about Boruto’s well-being. While it makes sense to worry about your teammate, I’m still waiting for these two to take on a bigger role in supporting Boruto rather than being sidelined, especially in the manga. In contrast, Sumire does the work. She has helped Katasuke in the scientific research department and is also ready to learn from Amado.

With next week’s episode focused on the Chunin exams, I’m ready for the boruto anime to spice it up a bit.

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